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by EdEN, Owner

Inky Pen is a new comic book subscription app on Nintendo Switch that is a first of its kind. Learn more about it in our Inky Pen review!

The first thing you’ll have to do is create an Inky Pen account. This is a fast process since you’ll only need to add an email address and a password so that you can get an email to confirm your subscription. After this has been taken care of, you’ll need to input your credit card information so that Inky Pen can collect the $7.99 for your first month of subscription, and so that the app can continue to charge you $7.99 a month so that your service is not interrupted at any point. The next step is selecting the range of content the app will display. The age rating options are Everyone, Everyone 7+, PG (Teen 12+), T+ (Parental Advisory 15+) and Mature (Mature 18+), and depending on your selection the comics available to read will be filtered.

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You have a Discover tab where you can sort comics by new and popular, title ascending, title descending, date added descending, and date added ascending, published date descending and published date ascending. Next up is selecting all types of comics, graphic novels, manga, indie titles, and comic strips. The final sorting options are for selecting all genres, action/adventure, drama, romance, comedy, children’, fantasy, science fiction, superhero, horror, mystery, slice of life, historical, supernatural, sports, and other. As you can see, there are many combinations you can select to customize your browsing experience. You can also directly search for a particular book by going into the Search tab and writing the name of a book or an artist.

You can either select to read a release right away by opening it with the A button, or you can press the X button to get some info from the book. If you want to add a book to your My Comics, then you can press the Y button so that you can add it to your list and download it at another time, or you can press the – or + buttons to add a book to your My Comics section and download it right away. Depending on a book’s size, the download can take a few minutes before it is finalized, so that you can take the books with you on the go or enjoy them in docked mode without needing to have an active internet connection.

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Once you have selected a comic book, manga, graphic novel or serialized strip to read, you will enter the reader itself. Once inside you’ll be able to flip through the pages either by sliding your fingers over the Nintendo Switch’s screen, or by using the left analog stick. You can zoom in with the A button, quick zoom with the right analog stick, and change between the two reading modes with the X button. Once you change mode, the page will be zoomed in to fit all of the screen, and you will get around 1/3 of the page show on your screen. When you scroll down, you will get one continuous comic book that won’t flip through pages and will instead treat it as if all pages were laid out vertically one after the other. There is also the option of using the touchscreen to control, your experience.

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The selection variety is good since it includes releases from Dark Horse Comics, IDW, Papercutz, Archie Comics, Humanoids, Titan, Dynamite Entertainment, Valiant, Andrews McMeel Universal, as well as many indie titles and webcomic releases. This means you get to read titles such as Ghostbusters, Judge Dredd, Star Trek, Skylanders, Transformers, Harbinger, Eternal Warrior, Usagi Yojimbo, Girl Genius, The Mask, Hellboy, Axe Cop, Sherlock Holmes, Evil Ernie, Nexus, My Little Pony, Elf Quest, Tank Girl, Criminal Macabre, Grendel and many more. It’s a very varied list and more than enough to keep you entertained for many months.

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And now the question is… is Inky Pen worth your time and money? After using the app for over a week, downloading every available Omnibus to read them offline, as well as ready many titles by streaming them in the app, I’d have to say yes. Other than a few issues that can probably be ironed out by the development team with a patch or two – things such as there being no way to force the app to go connect once again when it goes offline due to an interruption in the connection and not being able to flip images vertically when you rotate the Nintendo Switch when in portable mode – I’ve been having a lot of fun with Inky Pen. Be sure to check it out!

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This Inky Pen review is based on a Nintendo Switch subscription code provided by Inky Pen.

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