[Beyond PlayStation] Spider Solitaire F Review

by EdEN, Owner

Spider Solitaire F from Flyhigh Works is a new digital take on a classic card game. Learn more about it in our Spider Solitaire F review!

In Spider Solitaire F the goal is to build eight stacks of cards from the same suit, descending from K to 1. Once you have managed to complete a stack of 13 cards for the same suit, you’ll be able to set it aside. Cards can be moved to the end of a column if it fits the descending sequence, even if it is not of the same suit. The catch is that sequences of mixed suits can’t be moved to the side even if you have a complete sequence from K to 1.

Spider Solitaire F Review - Rules

When you move a card from one column to another, it will free the facedown card underneath it, giving you a new card to use to your convenience. If at some point you have no more cards to move, then you can deal cards from your stockpile, but this can only be done if each column on the table has at least one card. Once you select to deal cards, one card will be sent to each column on the table.

Spider Solitaire F Review - How To

You’ll move the cursor around with the left analog stick and grab or place a card by pressing the A button. If you want to cancel the card you grabbed, then you can press the B button to do so. When trying to grab a card from a column, you can move the cursor up and down to select from what part you will be grabbing it. If you want to speed things up, you can also press the R button to grab all cards in a column that can be moved. By pressing the X button you will deal cards to all columns, and you can also press the B button to cancel that to can also stockpile cards, taking one card from each column to be placed in your stock. The L button is used for getting a hint on what your next move could be.

Spider Solitaire F Review - Difficulties

The game offers different options for playing, separating games into Easy (playing Spades only), Normal (playing two suits), and Hard (playing all four suits). There are 100 game setups available spread around between the three difficulty settings, so there is definitely a lot of content to enjoy since each setup and difficulty setting changes how you approach a game. At first, you will only have two themes for your deck of cards: a simple one and a color one. As you play more and more games, you will unlock an extra pair of themes for your cards, specifically at the 10 and 30 games marks.

Spider Solitaire F Review - Themes

Spider Solitaire F set out to do one thing: to give us a solid digital option for playing spider solitaire at home or on the go. I’m here to report that it does this perfectly. You’ll be reviewing the screen to find the best way to carry on so that you can remove full sets of cards left and right, getting new cards to carry on or opening a space on the table to set down a single card or a sequence to bring you closer and closer to winning. If you’re a fan of spider solitaire, then this is a good option on Nintendo Switch!

Spider Solitaire F Review - 1

This Spider Solitaire F review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Flyhigh Works.

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