[Beyond PlayStation] Doughlings: Arcade Review

by Tracey

Doughlings: Arcade from Hero Concept is a fun game that will probably remind you of Bust-A-Move from how it looks, but it’s certainly not in that genre. Learn more in our Doughlings: Arcade review!


You play as Dr. Morpheus, the only healthy ball of dough left on the planet. Some kind of poisonous gas infected the entire population after a meteor crashed, and it’s up to Dr. Morpheus to heal everyone and bring order to the world. This is the premise that sets things up for a fun and colorful match three style release on Nintendo Switch that, as I mentioned before, is going to remind older gamers out there of the fun and charming Bust-A-Move series, but the gameplay is actually based on a different release.

Doughlings: Arcade Review - 1

Doughlings: Arcade features 70+ levels with gameplay that is very easy to understand. You control Dr. Morpheus by moving him forwards and backwards along the screen as you fling a silver colored ball all over to hit them so that you can clear the screen. The colors for each of the Doughlings are actually for letting you know how sick each one is. The blue Doughlings are the least sick while the yellow Doughlings are the sickest. Taking this into consideration, the sicker a Doughling is, the more times you’ll need to hit it with the silver ball to cure it. This means that the game is actually a take on the classic Breakout formula!

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As you complete levels you will be graded between one to three stars per stage, and these stars allow you to unlock and upgrade new characters and their abilities, making the gameplay slightly easier for you as the game’s difficulty ramps up. Each character has different unique abilities that can be used once you have collected a number of thumbs up’s which are given to you by the Doughlings you cure. You can see how many you have collected by way of the stage lights that illuminate you, and once ready you can trigger a “show off” which then allows you to use your unique super abilities. This is the mechanic that stands out in the brick breaking genre, and changes how you approach each level. I really liked it! New stuff trickles in as you progress to keep the game feeling fresh and not as repetitive as you’d expect.

Doughlings: Arcade Review - 3

I found Doughlings: Arcade to be a lot of fun and very addictive with tons of replay value. You won’t get three stars on all levels on your first go, and you may need the abilities of other characters to help you achieve three stars in some of them, so that is where the replayability comes into play. It’s an entertaining and relaxing game that gamers of all skill levels and ages can play. I recommend you give the game a download on the Nintendo Switch since it’s definitely worth the price tag.

Doughlings: Arcade Review - 4

This Doughlings: Arcade review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Hero Concept.

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