Recording PS4 Gameplay and Editing for Social Media

by Palabar

Did you know you can record PlayStation 4 gameplay and edit it for social media – without requiring any additional hardware? While there are advantages to using a video capture card, the PS4 already has a lot of handy tools that you can use to create and upload videos.

Unfortunately, it may be a bit confusing at first – which is why it is best to approach it step by step.

How to Record the Video Footage

Essentially the gameplay recording features in the PS4 is tucked into its ‘Sharing and Broadcasts’ features, and if you want to start recording footage you should take these steps:

      1. Adjust the video settings by holding down the ‘Share’ button on your controller to open up the Sharing and Broadcasts menu, then adjust the video settings there. In particular, you’ll want to set the Length of Video Clip – which otherwise defaults to 15 minutes.
      2. Record the video as you’re playing your game by pressing the ‘Share’ button at any point to start (or stop) recording. If you don’t stop it, it will stop automatically after the duration you have specified above.

      Because the PS4 is constantly recording regardless of whether you started recording or not, you can save the last length of video in the duration that you specified at any point. To access it just hold down the ‘Share’ button – but be careful you don’t double-click, or it’ll start recording, and the rest of the video will be gone.

      3. Trim the clip by opening up the Capture Gallery, pressing the ‘Options’ button on your controller and selecting the Trim option. Use the ‘L2’ and ‘R2’ buttons to set the start and end point of your video – the rest will be trimmed out.
      4. Share the video on social media. If you want to share the video you’ll have to link your PS4 with your social media accounts then select one from the ‘Share Video Clip’ menu and adjust the upload settings.
      5. Transfer the video to a PC by selecting the video that you want to transfer, hitting the ‘Options’ button and then clicking on Copy to USB Storage Device (you should already have a USB drive plugged in).

In short, by this point you should have a fairly good idea of how to record and trim a video on your PS4, as well as upload it to social media directly or transfer it to a PC.

The reason that last option is important is because the PS4 doesn’t exactly have the most robust editing tools and you may want to move your video over to a PC to edit it. For example you could use Movavi Screen Capture Studio, and capture video from PC games as well.

At the end of the day while the PS4 may not give you complete control over the gameplay recording, it should suffice in most cases. If not you could look into alternatives, such as a video capture card. If you do go down that route just make sure you look for one that has the features you need.

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