[PS4] Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe Review

by Tracey

Battle Chef Brigade is a great looking and very fun game from Trinket Studio and Adult Swim Games that you have to check out. Find out why in our Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe review!

Trinket Studio took Battle Chef Brigade to Kickstarter back in 2014, managing to reach its funding goal. The game was later picked up by Adult Swim Games, and it saw a release on PlayStation 4. We now get to enjoy the best version of the game yet thanks to its Deluxe update which expands on the original release with extra content as well as some refinements that make for an overall better experience.

The biggest highlight right of the bat for Battle Chef Brigade is the gorgeous hand-drawn art style and the way the characters animate, which I absolutely love. The world is made up of not just humans but also orcs, dwarves and more, and all races coexist in harmony. At its core, Battle Chef Brigade is a cooking game where you can battle monsters and use them as ingredients to whip up delightful dishes, so you’ll get to have a lot of fun collecting the ingredients needed to succeed in the cooking challenges.

You play as Mina who seeks out competitors to challenge. During a challenge, she will hunt for ingredients nearby and fill her satchel to the top with ingredients that you’ll need to empty into the pantry so that you can rinse and repeat as needed. The story duels are often timed, so she has to hunt for the ingredients and cook before time runs out, and any time left over can be used to upgrade the dish you’ve cooked for some extra points. The cooking mechanic is fun since instead of, say, rhythm-based cooking, you get a grid with different colored marbles, and the goal is to match three of a certain color which generates points, and these points determine how good your dish is, ultimately dictating if you win or lose the challenge.

Hunting is a mix of platforming and combat with some side-scrolling elements. You can use the Square button for basic attacks, the Triangle button to throw knives, for which there is a cooldown period, and if you hold down up and the Triangle button you can create a tornado which will harm any enemies nearby, and drop more ingredients at a faster rate. Combat is fun, and it’s very easy to get lost in the flow, so be sure to always keep the timer in mind. You do want to spend a chunk of your time to perfect your dish to get more points so that you can step out of the arena as the winner. Practice makes perfect!

So, what’s new for the game with the Deluxe upgrade for the game? You get split-screen local multiplayer as well as new character Ziggy. The game has a very handy feature in its colorblind mode, and it also allows you to change the font size of the in-game text from small to extra-large so that fans can configure their experience to best fit their needs. The game also supports local multiplayer and offers free-play and challenge modes, so there is a lot of content for you to sink your teeth into. There is also an Illustration Gallery so that you can check out the game’s gorgeous art. The only complaint I have for this one is that it, unfortunately, does not have a Platinum trophy, which might keep some trophy hunters away, but you shouldn’t let that keep you playing this excellent game on PlayStation 4!

This Battle Chef Brigade review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Adult Swim Games.

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