[PlayStation 4] SNK Heroines: ~Tag Team Frenzy~ DLC Review

by ThaRaven403

I recently had the chance to try out the two new characters that are available for SNK Heroines: ~Tag Team Frenzy~ , so I thought I’d share my opinion on them so that you can know if they are worth buying!

Let’s start off with Thief Arthur. She’s from Square Enix’s Million Arthur series, which is not really known here but is actually pretty big in Japan and unfortunately the series never got to be localized here. She is basically a thief that wanted in on the riches of Camelot, but ended up being one of the million who could pull out Excalibur.

As for her appearance in SNK Heroines, I found her to be a decent fighter to play with. She’s a rather small and fast fighter, making it easy to play around your adversaries even though her regular attacks don’t have an incredible range. Her Dream Finisher also makes her an interesting fighter, as it can hit from close to half your screen, making it a strong one to use against an unblocking opponent.

And then there’s Skullo Mania, some might recall seeing him in Capcom’s Street Fighter EX series as a man who’s desire to fight crime awakened in him, as he first appeared in the original one in 1996 and then in a few entries after. Pretty much as Terry Bogard, he ended up in the SNK Heroines plot being gender-swapped into a lady. His style in this game is pretty different than Thief Arthur’s.

I found her to have a slightly better range in her attacks, but at a much slower pace, making it difficult to get on your enemies. Her Dream Finisher works only at close range, which might seem like a drawback, but since it has skulls coming out of her in all directions it can be really effective as soon as you get close to your adversary.

Final Thoughts
At 5$ each, I find it a bit pricey to add 2 fighters to the roster, especially considering they don’t bring any additional trophies with them. But with a little sale to slash that price, they are good additions to the existing roster and should provide additional fun while grinding for the platinum!


Price: $4.99 (each character)

This SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~ review is based on PlayStation 4 copies provided by NIS America.

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