[PlayStation 4] Halloween Forever Review

by EdEN, Owner

Halloween Forever is a new 2D action platformer on PlayStation 4 from Poppy Works and Imaginary Monsters. Learn more about it in our Halloween Forever review!

In Halloween Forever you are tasked with running from left to right, defeating all monsters in our path as you try to make it to the end of the area to battle a boss so that you can continue making your way to the end of the stage to battle a second boss. Along the way you will also be jumping and attacking enemies, making sure that your health is as close to full as possible, for which you’ll need to grab any hearts that enemies leave behind when defeated.

Controls are simple to get the hang of since you can run around with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, can jump with the X button and press the button again while in the air to do a double jump. You can also press the Square button to attack, and this will make your pumpkin/character shoot something from its mouth to damage enemies and bosses. Depending on the character you play at, your attack will change slightly, making each run feel different! Some enemies can be defeat with a single shot, while others will require some extra hits, so be sure to pay attention to them!

You will run into snakes, bats, chainsaw wielding maniacs, floating zombie heads, coffins that spit out skeletons that explode, evil wizards that will shoot at you, and more. There are also hazards you need to avoid since small spikes will damage you, some platforms will disappear after stepping on them, fire is always bad, and large spikes will instantly kill you. There is more than one path to take in each stage, and depending on which door you take you might end up finding some of the extra characters that have been trapped inside of glowing golden coffins. There are also walls you can destroy, and these will lead you to secret areas.

The options menu makes it possible to either leave the game as is or change activate things such as 1 HP mode where one hit is all it takes to kill you, activating friendly continues, or starting the game in a 99 lives mode that will surely be more than enough for players of all skill levels to play the game from start to finish. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, there is indeed a catch: if you activate 99 lives mode, then trophies will be disabled until you change it back to the default setting.

This one has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy at the end, and you’ll need to finish the game several times as well as complete other miscellaneous objectives. You’ll need to find all extra characters in the game (six in total), as well as finish the game with all eight characters. There are trophies for defeating each of the game’s bosses, and one for finding all hidden runes before you complete a run.

Halloween Forever is a fun and short 2D platformer with extra replay value for those who like to 100% games. There are five levels to complete, each with a handful of sections, and you can probably speedrun the game in 15-20 minutes once you know where everything is, but getting to know the game that way is part of the fun. There is a full trophy list waiting for trophy hunters, and an entertaining action platformer to play over and over again to get there.

This Halloween Forever review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Poppy Works.

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