[Beyond PlayStation] Retimed Review

by Dusk Fox

Retimed from Team Maniax and Stray Fawn is up for grabs for the Nintendo Switch. Find out more about this multiplayer bullet platform fighter in our Retimed review!

Retimed is a fun 2-4 multiplayer you can enjoy in a game night with friends. The game’s main focus is on the slow-motion bullet combat mechanic. The whole gameplay system is simple and works great. If you get hit by a bullet, you die, and whoever shot that bullet gets a point. Get X amount of points, then you win. When a bullet is coming your way, everything around you enters a slow-motion state, where you can try anything you have at your disposal to dodge it – dashing, jumping, ducking, it’s all on the table, fair and square.

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This makes for many “Oh, come on! I ALMOST got you!” moments, which is always lots of fun between friends. Not only that, but you also have to be careful with your ammo as this fuels both your bullets and your dashes, which you can refill in established re-spawning spots across the platforms, which create valuable sections of the map to fight over. No ammo means you’re going to be dead very soon.

Controls are simple and explained before each match. When playing with a Joy-con, X is for jumping, Y is for shooting, A/ZL for ducking and B/ZR for dashing. As expected, you move with the analog stick. As for the Joy-con grip or the Pro Controller, the button order moves by one, clockwise (for example, A is for jumping now).

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While this is a fun game to play with friends, it’s quite lacking in the content variety department. Besides the six stages, team and death-match options, there really isn’t much else. Without many things to spice up each match, they can get repetitive very quickly. And even with the existing content, it tends to lag a bit on 4-player mode for some reason.

The absence of a solo mode is also a big obstacle, as you might not always have someone around to play with. Another inconvenience is that you can’t mess around with the match’s settings, which means no time limit nor kill limit changes. And even with the existing content, it tends to lag a bit on 4-player mode for some reason.

It might not be an extraordinary or revolutionary game, but it’s a good option for a local multiplayer experience to play every now and then. If you are looking for an entry-level or just a casual approach to the genre, this title might be for you, it’s worth taking a look at it.

This Retimed review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Stray Fawn.

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