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by EdEN, Owner

Find The Balance is a minimalist physics-based puzzle games on Nintendo Switch you should play. Find out why in our Find The Balance review!

Let’s start with the game’s controls. You select each piece with the A button, move them around with the left analog stick, and press A again to cut the rope and drop the piece. If you want so select a different piece instead of dropping the one you’re holding, you can go back with the B button. You can also rotate pieces with the ZL and ZR buttons to better fit your needs. You might, for example, have a square piece which you’d ideally place as your first option, so that you can drop a triangle on top of it to keep both in place for the time needed to complete the stage. The faster you complete a stage the more stars you will get, so you need to find a way to balance your pieces in the fastest time possible without making any mistakes.

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There are three options to choose from: Quickplay, Single Player and Multi Player. For Quickplay which allows you to dive into a short random game to hace some quick fun. Single Player is then split into four options. There is Classic which offers 88 puzzles for you to solve in the regular “stack all things and hope that you did it just right so that nothing falls over” way. Stars places three stars in the stage and you must use the figures and objects at your disposal to make sure all objects are touching a star after you drop the object so that you can collect it when the timer validates your solution. Autofall has objects constantly moving down, being cut by the game when they reach the bottom while also allowing you to cut the rope if you want to. The final one is Endless, which is self-explanatory.

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As for the Multi Player options, they are Adding Blocks, where each player takes turns to add something to the pile to see who can stay in one piece. Speed Stack where both players try to stack all of their objects as fast as possible without letting any of them fall to their destruction, and Autofall Multi where you both try to make sure that the autofalling objects make it safely to the bottom of the screen and remain I one piece as the timer counts down to make sure it won’t end up moving to its destruction. All three multiplayer modes are played until either player has won three rounds.

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Find The Balance is a fun physics-based puzzle games on Nintendo Switch that you can enjoy on your own or with a soon to be ex-friend. There are plenty of puzzles to complete in the two single player modes, and with the auto-fall and endless modes the fun is certainly endless.

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This Find The Balance review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Wastelands Interactive.

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