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by EdEN, Owner

Car Quest from Ezone is a racing puzzle platforming thing on Nintendo Switch that is definitely unique. Learn more about it in our Car Quest review!

In Car Quest, you will drive around in your light blue car as you try to fix the broken world of Blocktaria. As you drive, you will get to collect batteries that will unlock portals, and you will also find artifacts that are required to rebuild the world. You will be guided by Lord Blockstar who, unfortunately, has lost his memory! As you collect artifacts and restore Blocktaria to its former glory, Lord Blockstar will begin to remember things, and new paths will open up, leading you to new areas.

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The game’s controls are very simple since you’ll be able to steer your car with the left analog stick, accelerate with the A button or the ZR button, brake and go in reverse with the B button or the ZL button, and you can also drift by holding down the R button. By holding down the R button and drifting until sparks appear, you will be able to activate a turbo boost when you let go of the button. Got it?

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As I mentioned before, batteries are used to open portals, and these lead to separate areas where you will get a chance to solve some puzzles to collect an artifact and bring it back to the main area you’re currently exploring. If you fall from the paths while inside of portal you will lose the artifact you were carrying. On top of that, you will lose some of the batteries you had collected, which isn’t as bad as it sounds since there are tons of batteries to collect, and the more areas you open, the more batteries you can get, not to mention that batteries respawn when you fall from the playing area or when you enter an exit a portal.

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The game is a very Zen-like experience, with a minimalist art style, relaxing music and a good overall challenge that will not overwhelm you. But this doesn’t mean it’s a short adventure since you’re looking at 8+ hours to complete the game by collecting the over 100 artifacts up for grabs. You’ll learn more about what happened to Blocktaria and why it is so barren when you first arrive there.

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Car Quest was certainly something on Nintendo Switch that I was not expecting. The experience is very laid back and relaxing, giving us a colorful racing puzzle platformer with a minimalist and blocky art style. The game is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you give it a chance, I’m sure this 8+ hour adventure will grow on you. Seeing Blocktaria come back to life as you find more and more artifacts is a rewarding gaming loop that will have you coming back for more. Oh, and be sure to look around for the missing museum pieces as well if you want to 100% the game!

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This Car Quest review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by ezone.

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