Squishies Hits PS VR Next Month

by EdEN, Owner

Brainseed Factory is hard at work putting the final touches on Squishies, its new PlayStation VR release that will be launching on November 20. Come check it out!

Franziska Funken from Brainseed Factory had this to say:

Do you remember how your favorite toy made you feel as a child? Those little bursts of enthusiasm and happiness when you imagined it to be alive?

I always saw my toys as my friends each with their own character. I created whole worlds that were rooted in my imagination. While I played, I slowly shifted into other galaxies full of adventure. Time didn’t matter.

With Squishies we wanted to evoke this feeling again. We wanted you to be closer to your inner child and slooooow doooown while experiencing another world. That’s why we chose to use PS VR to make it even easier to get lost in the Squishies universe when it launches on November 20.

As some of you may know, we created a game called Typoman, a dark and morbid 2D platformer. We loved making Typoman, but working for years on a depressing world of letters and monsters left us wanting to do something entirely different (overcompensating?). Squishies is a joyful, relaxing experience, full of color and life… of course, there’s a little bit of peril, too.

Your goal is to help stranded Squishies find their way back home. You do this by using your superpower – which is pushing & pulling Squishies around with the help of your transdimensional Alien Fish friends (PS Move controllers).

To complete each level, you need to roll the Squishies to giant alien gates, ensuring them a safe route home. When the environment gets too hazardous you’ll need to use power-ups, alien technology and helpful creatures to get by (and don’t forget, you’ll need your little superbrains as well).

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