[PS4] Welcome To Hanwell Review

by Tracey

Welcome to Hanwell from Nathan Seedhouse is a horror game that has arrived on PlayStation 4. Learn more about it in our Welcome to Hanwell!

Welcome to Hanwell is a horror game in which you’ll need to fight ugly monstrosities to survive. Why are you here? Why are they attacking you? You will find out about this through the voice recordings and documents that you can find throughout the game. The combat is handled with the triggers on the DualShock 4, with the left one being used for blocking and the right one triggering your attack.

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As soon as I began playing the game, I got the feeling that Welcome to Hanwell could have used a bit more time in the oven since I ran into several bugs and glitches. I got them when trying to leave a room, or when I returned to a room and found out that the collectibles in it no longer worked. I closed a door, and it didn’t open again, forcing me to restart.

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I have reviewed many horror games, and I have to, unfortunately, report that Welcome To Hanwell is not a good game in the genre. Slender Man didn’t break any new ground, but it was a solid release that focused on one thing and did it right. Alien Isolation is an excellent (survival) horror on the console – yes, with a considerably larger budget – and a better option for those of you who want to be stressed and scared for your life at all times.

A big issue with the game is its subtitles, which are pretty much unreadable on PlayStation 4. There are millions of deaf players in the world, which is why subtitles and legible text for video games are a must. For this one, which is also available on PC, the text is tiny, and there is no option to increase the size. While the game is fully voiced, the small size for the subtitles and the overall darkness of the game make it a release that is very hard for deaf individuals.

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I can’t recommend Welcome to Hanwell on PlayStation 4. The many bug and glitches you can run into when playing, the overall ambience that is too dark, the lack of polish for animations, the tiny text that is pretty much unreadable at any distance, and the lack of customization for controls, all come together in this release to make it one you should avoid.

Welcome To Hanwell Review - 5

This Welcome to Hanwell review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Nathan Seedhouse.

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