[PS4] The Mooseman Review

by Tracey

The Mooseman is a minimalist 2D puzzle adventure now on PlayStation 4. Learn more about this gem in our The Mooseman review!

You play as a tribal shaman who has been chosen to travel through the three layers of the world. By using the mask he wears, he can interact with spirits known as the Komi. Through interacting with them, he can progress through each area by removing and donning his mask as needed to explore both dimensions. Using this mechanic in a 2D plane will allow you to pass through obstacles and avoid enemies that can damage you.

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The 2D world is full of obstacles as well as vegetation that can block your path, so you will have to regularly take off your mask at certain points to pass through. While doing this, you should be mindful of the vicious creatures you will find since they can kill you instantly. Luckily, if this happens, you will respawn at the last save point. The game saves automatically at certain points and is very generous about this, so you won’t end up losing much progress.

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As you progress, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and variety of the environments which is impressive for such a short game. The lower levels of the game are packed with darkness with some light provided by the spirits, while in the upper levels you will find desolate plains with violent spirits who will kill you on sight. The music is also great and perfectly fits the theme of the game, with some minimal instrumentation to highlight each moment.

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The game is an experience presented at a slow and steady pace. The Shaman moves very slowly, but I suppose there is a reason for that since moving quicker could mean you would miss some important collectibles. Finding a collectible and reading their descriptions will reveal the solution to puzzles. The story is told in a foreign language, with English subtitles, giving you a feel for ancient tribal myths and legends just as the game’s theme is set in.

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The Mooseman is a minimalist monochromatic puzzle platformer experience that is very interesting and entertaining. It gives us a look at an interpretation of ancient myths and folklore, with the collectibles and their descriptions expanding on the lore of this universe. The art style and the environments are a true work of art, and the game grabbed my attention from start to finish. Go play this one right now!

This Mooseman review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Sometimes You.

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