[PlayStation4] Terratech Review

by Tracey

TerraTech is an interesting sandbox/combat game on PlayStation 4 that really surprised me. Learn more about it on our TerraTech review!

For this one you play as an off-world prospector who is looking for valuable assets to send back to the home planet since said planet is devoid of resources. You end up crash landing on an alien planet, and this is when the game begins. The game began its life on Steam and was in Early Access there for a while. This PS4 version is the highly anticipated full release with a ton of content to enjoy.

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In Campaign Mode you can play in which is basically a survival mode with enemies coming after you at a steady pace. There are four factions you can join, each very different from the rest: Geocorp, Venture, Hawkeye and GSO. Increasing your standing with each faction will allow you to gain better parts for your vehicle, parts which are specific to each faction. But to be able to join each faction, you will have to complete specific requirements. For example, Venture is a kind of a racing faction, so they will require that you do jumps and complete races. GSO is probably the most fun faction to join since they’re into crafting.

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Most of the quests and objectives in Campaign Mode act as small tutorials of sorts, so I’d suggest you take on this mode before you go and try the rest. Campaign mode does a good job of explaining the controls and gameplay, with my only complaint being that, as is usually the case for games that start their life as PC releases, the in-game text is too small. Hopefully the team notices this issue and works on a patch that can give us the chance to resize fonts.

Creative Mode is really fun since while there you can build and customize your vehicle. You can build ground vehicles or airborne vehicles, and can be as creative as you want, going for a classic car, drafting up a tank or doing something crazy with your vehicle to give it your personal seal. The only thing you need to be aware of is the total block limit, which you need to respect.

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Some quests and objectives require you to use a particular type of vehicle in order to complete them, which is why you can save your creations so that you can have the right vehicle for the right job. You can also choose to remove or add enemy tech, depending on how you want to play, so that you can spice things up and see where your imagination takes you.

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There is also Gauntlet Mode where you will aim for the top spots on the leaderboards, and there is also Multiplayer where up to 16 players can have a go at it. There is no Co-op or online modes for the Campaign or Creative Modes, but the team at Payload Studios has already mentioned they will support the game post-launch and release more content, so we’ll see what they have to offer by way of DLC!

Terratech Review - 5

Overall, TerraTech is a fun sandbox game on PlayStation 4 that will get your creative juices flowing as you build new stuff to take on the game’s Campaign Mode before you dive into the multiplayer side of things. With more stuff to come from the development team at a later date, you should get a head-start and play TerraTech today so that you’re ready!

This TerraTech review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Payload Studios.

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