[PlayStation 4] The Journey Down: Chapter Three Review

by Tracey

The conclusion of The Journey Down trilogy is ready for us on PlayStation 4! How will the story end? Find out in our The Journey Down: Chapter Three review!

The third and final chapter in The Journey Down is finally live, and I do have to say I was surprised it was a shorter episode than the previous one. It’s still a very fun episode that ties some loose ends, concluding the story arc in style. The focus, as expected, is on the three main characters: Kito, Bwana and Lina. Unlike the previous episodes, which focused more one character than the other, this time around all three characters get an equal share of your attention.

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You arrive at the Underworld and your ultimate goal is to face off against the horrible power company. While you do so, you will learn new things from this final episode with a supernatural twist. The developers have really gone all out with Chapter 3, saving the best of the story until the very end. The puzzles are very interesting, and none are too difficult, and they’re certainly not boring. The locations you will visit are a far cry from areas you visited in the first episode, showing us how the team has come a long way.

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As you can imagine, the gameplay for this final episode is the same as what you get from the previous two episodes. You will find hints in the conversations you have with the NPC you interact with, as well as from visual cues in each area you visit. The puzzles are logic based, but not overly difficult, and you’ll need to use your inventory to combine some items here and there to create the right thing for the right job. Completing a puzzle often results in a bit of humorous banter, a cutscene or both, so you’ll get a chuckle or two for your effort.

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If you’ve played the first two episodes in the trilogy, then getting the third and last one is pretty much a no-brainer, since you definitely want to experience the end of the series! But if you’ve yet to try this great looking, funny, entertaining and charming trio of adventure games, I’m here to let you know that you should definitely dive in. Chapter One is $9.99, while Chapter Two and Chapter Three are $19.99 each, but if you haven’t bought any of the games you should check out the trilogy bundle which is available at a special price of $39.99, which is like getting the first episode for free.

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This The Journey Down: Chapter 3 review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Blitworks.

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