[PlayStation 4] Awkward Review

by Tracey

Awkward is a fun and quirky trivia game on PlayStation 4 that is different from the average quiz game. Learn more about it in our Awkward review!

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Awkward is a game that asks about your opinions on certain things, and while you will get some pretty ordinary questions, a lot of them are going to be downright rude, dirty or downright awkward. Some will make you laugh out loud, while others will definitely start some heated arguments. It’s a pretty fun game with an incredibly easy but time consuming Platinum trophy.

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You can play Awkward in a number of ways. You can either play solo, where you can answer questions and guess if the rest of the world agrees or disagrees with you. No one can see what you specifically answered and you can’t see how other people have individually answered. Instead, after a series of questions, a pie chart appears and you can see the percentages of people who agree or disagree with you. You can also play in a hot seat mode where you just share the same controller with up to three other players, which I liked. There is also team play for four or six players, and there is also even a live show element with which you can broadcast your game to a live audience. All the trophies can be done solo, so no worries if you don’t have anyone else to play with!

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There is a huge variety of questions and there are very little repeats. It’ll take you approximately at leat 8+ hours to get the Platinum trophy as you need to answer 1,000 questions, and there is absolutely no way of tracking how many questions you have answered so far which is rather annoying. But if you want to speed things up, maybe you should start a game of Awkward at your next party?

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Most of the trophies you’re going to get after playing for 2-3 hours, but the last part is the grindy road to unlocking the one for getting 1,000 questions. The good thing is that the game is a fun one to play with friends, so I’m sure the time will fly as you break this one out at a party or two over the next month or so.

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Awkward is a fun trivia game with a ton of questions to answer and a Platinum trophy at the end of the road. Not all questions are outright awkward, but there is definitely a big chunk of them that will make you feel uncomfortable or that will make you look at your friends under a different light after you check out their answers. Are you ready?

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This Awkward Review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Snap Finger Click.

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