[PlayStation 4] All-Star Fruit Racing Review

by Tracey

All-Star Fruit Racing is a fun and very colorful kart racer on PlayStation 4 from PQube. Come check out our All-Star Fruit Racing review!

All-Star Fruit Racing has 22 characters available for you, each one representing a fruit, with each fruit having a special move you can use to try and help you win each race. The tracks are really beautiful and well-designed, but instead of the standard three-lap races we’ve gotten used to they require five laps per race, which was definitely different from what we usually get to do in a kart racer.

On top of the standard Career Mode, which as you competing to try and become the champion in the available cups, there is also Fast Championship which is a random mode with anywhere between three to five laps for you to race on. You can also customize your experience a bit, choosing the number of laps, the style for the track you’re going to race on, and more.

Speaking of customization, in Garage Mode you will be able to customize your karts by giving them a nice lick of paint, or customize them with new and improved parts that can aid you in winning each race. It’s also a great opportunity to make your kart look cooler with the wide range of fun colors you can test out so that you can really make your kart feel like your own ride.

The game also offers multiplayer in 4 player split-screen, just like back in the day. Do be warned that due to how colorful the game is, the split-screen can feel a bit distracting since there’s a lot going on in each section of the TV. You can select the number of laps you’ll be taking on before a multiplayer race, and I’m sure three laps is going to prove to be the most popular choice since five laps feels like a bit too long.

Catching up if you collide with something will prove to be a bit tough as getting your speed back up is not as fast as in other racers I’ve played. Because of this, you need to make good use of your special moves so that you can pick up the pace and recover from any setback. Losing a lap is not that bad unless it’s the last lap where you’re trying to go for gold!

Instead of the usual weapons, you’d find in a kart racer, you have fruit. There are four to collect, and after procuring enough fruit, you’ll be able to fill up a meter to use the action buttons to unleash a move that will affect your opponents and push you closer to the front of the race. If you fill up all four meters, then you can use the special move for the character you have chosen.

All-Star Fruit Racing is a fun and colorful kart racer on PlayStation 4 that is a lot of fun to play, especially with family members or friends. It’s not as deep or has as much content as the current reigning champion – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – but it does some fun things that will be a blast for you to experience.

This All-Star Fruit Racing review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by PQube Ltd.

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