[Beyond PlayStation] Velocity 2X Review

by Dusk Fox

Velocity 2X from Curve Digital and FuturLab has arrived on the Nintendo Switch! Learn more about this action and speed-packed game in our Velocity 2X review!

The sequel to the well-received and very fun Velocity has finally found its way to the Nintendo Switch! FuturLab and Curve Digital have made it possible to enjoy this shoot ‘em up/action platformer on a Nintendo console for the first time, which is the version this review will be based on.

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Have you ever been so into a game that the world around you seems to just disappear and you enter an autopilot almost Zen-like mode where you are completely in sync with a game? Well, prepare yourself to experience that with Velocity 2X. This game will put all your dexterity and coordination to the test, and you certainly will not want to put it down for even a minute until you get to the end!

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The game demands concentration and precision in an intense and chaotic experience. There are a lot of buttons you’ll need to use to play, but the way the game implements new gameplay mechanics over time teaches you how to react to them as second nature, further inducing you into that high-paced trance that is truly unique to great titles. Everything is placed the way it is in perfect harmony with all other elements, giving way to an amazing experience.

The way the game has you jumping between the action/puzzle shoot ’em up sections to then throw you into a very polished fast-paced 2D action puzzle/platformer section will keep things fresh for you from start to finish. You’ll quickly get into the groove and will find the best way to tackle the obstacles at hand so that you can carry on with your adventure.

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As with many indie titles, this game also offers a unique art style, focusing on bold and contrasting lines and colors, which makes all its components immediately recognizable – an important trait for a fast-paced game such as this one! There is also a ton of unlockable concept art you can enjoy to make this an even more complete experience, and with the way everything is designed for this one, the concept art is certainly something you have to see.

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The game also has a story that you can enjoy without having to play the first game, and even though is nice and can touch on a few emotional moments here and there, it is certainly not one of the game’s strong points. But worry not because what it lacks on storytelling, it more than makes up for in gameplay and design, which all together make for a great experience with a lot of replay value.

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Oh, and what replay value this game has because, believe it or not, the entire game is just a very long training session for the real skills you’re going to be using for subsequent runs: speed and accuracy. Depending on how you play you can unlock new levels to test your abilities, or even try to reach for the top of the online leaderboards!
Velocity 2X is a game that might not be for everyone, but it’s certainly a nice pick for people looking to get lost on their Nintendo Switch for hours at a time, or who want something to challenge their abilities. Without a doubt, this a great indie game worth checking out!

Velocity 2X Review - 5

This Velocity 2X review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Curve.

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