Super Life of Pixel Out On PS4 On August 22

by EdEN, Owner

WhiteMoon Dreams is getting ready to release Super Life of Pixel from Super Icon on PS4. Come check out the game’s trailer!

Matt Spencer, Associate Producer at WhiteMoon Dreams, had this to say:

At its core, this game is a fun history lesson. With every system you conquer and unlock, you’re given the chance to learn more about the original consoles they’re inspired by, down to the hardware and software specs of the era. Consider it a living, playable museum of gaming history, in which you will die. A lot.

With that comes some old-school mechanics. Patience and strategy will be your ticket to victory. As Rusty put it to me one day, “In these kinds of games: speed kills, and greed kills.” It’s all about thinking the level through and treating it more like a puzzle platformer. Move, think, jump or die. That’s the Life of Pixel.

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