[PlayStation 4] Perils of Baking Review

by Tracey

Perils of Baking is a fun platformer on PlayStation 4 which I had a blast playing right from start. Find out why in our Perils of Baking review!

The game is about two brothers who ended up going their separate ways after one of the brothers went a bit power hungry and crazy. The elder brother found a special chef’s hat that gave him the ability to make his creations come to life, so the younger and more sensible brother must now bring his older brother back to his former self before it is too late. Going from the game’s name you at first probably thought this was some sort of cooking game, right? Well, instead we’re getting a fun 2D platformer with an overall baking theme.

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This being a platformer means you will have to defeat enemies and avoid hazards and traps that could mean instant death. The left stick is for moving your character around, and if you hold down the square button your character can run. You can also jump with the X button, and can eventually attack when you unlock that ability. And that’s all you need to worry about for its gameplay mechanics.

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The game’s overall difficulty is balanced, except or a few levels where the platforming sections have a lot of deadly spikes and enemies that seem to come out of nowhere. The four different worlds in the game will tests your skills as you try and find the best way to get to the exit for each stage while remaining alive and well.

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Aside from 40 fun-filled platforming levels there is some extra fun stuff to do like master mine carts, flying a balloon, and there is also a bit of baking when you find an oven that can reward you with one of more pieces of bread… or damage you if the oven catches fire! There is also one checkpoint per level which is presented in the form of a popcorn machine. If you die you will then restart from the checkpoint so that you don’t have to redo the entire stage, which isn’t so bad since you have infinite lives to retry.

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What is a platformer without collectibles? In this one you will find a variety of food scattered around the levels, and collecting 50 earns you an extra heart. Once you earn all four hearts your next collectible will be the Chef’s hat which will give you the ability to throw your spatula at your enemies, or to swing it for a solid melee hit, as long as you’re not hit and lose that ability!

Perils of Baking Review - 5

Perils of Baking is fun, but I do think it has the potential to be expanded over the included 40 levels, since the gameplay mechanics are fun and the whole baking theme works for a platformer with the crazy enemy designs. No idea if the developer will release additional levels for this one or if he might be considering working on a sequel, and I definitely look forward to seeing what he does next. If you’re looking for a fun budget 2D platformer for PS4, then be sure to check this one!

Perils of Baking Review - 6

This Perils of Baking review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Lillymo Games.

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