[PlayStation 4] Alteric Review

by Tracey

Alteric is a challenging platformer that will remind some of you of the great Thomas Was Alone, with its minimalist art style and type of main protagonist, but the game manages to do its own thing. Learn more in our Alteric review!

You are alone. Are you lonely? You’re lost. Or stuck? Somewhere…but where? And most importantly, who are you? Only Yesterday You Were A Man. Today Everything Has Changed. You Died. But your soul is still there. It’s a piece of light energy trapped in the alien space between two worlds.

Just like in Thomas Was Alone, you will be jumping from platform to platform while avoiding various traps and hazards using your switching ability to make new platforms appear and reach the exit which looks like a brightly lit tent. It’s not quite as easy as that sounds as you will discover while progressing through the game. Alteric has a full trophy list with Platinum trophy, which requires that you compete EVERY level without dying. As you will soon find out, that makes this a pretty challenging Platinum.

Alteric Review

In a game like this one frustration WILL kick in at some point, so a decent amount of patience is required. I often thought that the difficulty curve involving the switching mechanic was a bit unfair. For example, in one level you have a vertical pillar placed in the middle between the platform you stand on and another one that you can easily reach by jumping over, but the vertical platform is standing in the way. The only way to reach the other platform is to switch to make the vertical pillar disappear, but the twist is that doing so makes the other platform disappear, so you need to time your switching and jumping perfectly to make it.

Alteric Review

The level design is one area where this game shine, since it’s certainly clever, so you’ll be having fun overcoming the increasing set of challenges in this minimalist puzzle platformer. The game spans three worlds with ten levels each, but it’s certainly not a game you can finish in a single sitting, unless you’re extremely good at puzzle platformers and know exactly what you’ll be going up against.

Alteric Review

If you’re the type of person who, for example, loves to 100% game such as Super Meat Boy, then Alteric is one release that will certainly scratch that “want to play a challenging but not unfair game” itch. Can you make it to the end? Will you manage to unlock the Platinum trophy? Let us know in the comments below!

Alteric Review

This review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Sometimes You.

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