Claws of Furry Out Next Month

by EdEN, Owner

Indie team Terahard is releasing beat ’em up Claws of Furry on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch next month. Come check it out!

Claws of Furry is a Beat’em up style co-op action game, where up to 4 players can take on the roles of vigilante ninja-cats on a mission to rescue their master from the evil claws of an unknown boss. Players will punch, scratch and claw their way through fifty levels of catastrophic mayhem. The game is made up of four distinct environments, each presenting its own unique set of enemies, each tougher than the last. Teams must work together to take down enemies efficiently and revive their fallen furmates (teammates) to keep them in the fight. From Pussycat to Rogue-like, Claws of Furry includes multiple game modes catering to various play styles, as well as unlockable outfits with unique bonuses for added cattitude.

Claws of Furry Features:

Arcade beat-em-up action

Multiple Modes including: Rogue-like, Arena, Pussycat & Local co-op

Local co-op with up to 4 players

A variety of thematic environments and enemies

Unlockable costumes with unique gameplay properties

Beautiful hand-painted art style

Unique character design

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