[Beyond PlayStation] Hexologic Review

by Tracey

Hexologic is a very addictive puzzler on Nintendo Switch that you should check out today. Find out why in our Hexologic review!

The game has a bit in common with Sudoku since the goal is to place one, two or three dots in each hexagon to make it so that each line matches the number specified for said line. Hexalogic is simple and to the point, and if you have any experience with puzzle games the first handful of levels will only take you a few seconds to complete. If you’re very good at puzzle games, then a couple of hours at most is all you’ll need to complete all puzzles, including the extra levels you unlock after you complete each set.

Hexologic Review - 1

You can choose to play the game with touch controls or with the analog stick and the face buttons. The Y, X and A buttons are used to place one, two or three dots in each of the hexagon in a level, and that’s all you’re going to need to worry about for a while. As you progress through the games the puzzles will start to become more and more difficult, and you’ll need to pay attention to when a number turns green since that means that the dots in the line add up to the number needed to solve it. And don’t worry if you make a mistake and you get to what seems to be the end of the puzzle and one of the lines doesn’t add up, since you can redo things.

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Later on, some of the 60 levels in the game, which are split into four worlds, will introduce extra elements to change how you approach the puzzle solving. There will be hexagons with a fixed number of dots which you cannot change, and these will usually contain more than the three dot limit you, as the player, can place on a hexagon, so you’ll need to pay extra attention to them. Other levels will have colored hexagon that are linked, so placing a dot in one of these colored hexagon will also make it so those of the same color also get that number of dots.

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The game’s art style and the music are very relaxing and Zen-like, allowing you to focus on each of the puzzles without ever feeling as if you were being distracted. The backgrounds are blurred so that you can easily place all of your attention on solving each puzzle. I was definitely up for playing a relaxing puzzle game on Nintendo Switch, and this one was exactly what I needed.

Hexologic Review - 4

Overall, Hexalogic is a short, relaxing and very addictive puzzle game on Nintendo Switch that is very easy to recommend. It’s available in the Nintendo eshop for only $2.99, and at that price you’ll get to enjoy over 70 puzzles over a couple of hours.

Hexologic Review - 5

This Hexologic review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by MythicOwl.

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