[Beyond PlayStation] Epic Loon Review

by Tracey

Epic Loon is a truly weird platformer on Nintendo Switch with an interesting premise. Learn more about it in our Epic Loon review!

Joe is a cinephile who has quite a collection of VHS tapes, (remember those?), a collection that is his pride and joy since he spends as much time as he possibly can watching his favorite movies over and over again. His VCR suddenly stops working, so he goes out to buy a cleaner, hoping it can help to fix things so that he can carry on doing what he loves to do the most.

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But, to Joe’s horror, he quickly realizes the cleaner is not a normal cleaner, since it is infected, not with a virus but with alien creatures that have now been released from oblivion. Because of this, Joe goes out of his way to try and stop the aliens before they end up destroying Joe’s prized VHS collection. The fun part? You take control of the aliens who are up to no good!

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The game goes along with the overall theme with a filter that gives it a look that will remind you of how old-school VHS tapes used to look like way back in the day. The graphics are mostly black white with some red to highlight the dangers you will run into. Each VHS tape is a parody of a popular film you’ve definitely seen or at least heard about, and this is the setting you will need to traverse with platforming gameplay mechanics.

Epic Loon has four VHS tapes that you can play in any order you like, with a fifth tape unlocked after you have completed the main four which are Alien (you can probably guess which one this parodies), Nosferacula (Nosferatu), Jurassik Land (Jurassic Park) and Grojira (Godzilla). The VHS tapes don’t follow the plot of the movies, but they do capture the overall feel. This is not your average platformer, so if you play solo, other players will be AI controlled. I would have liked to select one of the other quirky aliens since I was stuck with the worm-like one since that’s the one set to player 1. The Alien you control can jump around for a bit, or transform into a weird looking thing that allows it to be flung across the screen at an angle. The gameplay mechanics are not for everyone, so you might find them to be a bit weird.

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If you have three friends ready to join you to take the place of the AI controlled characters, then you’re in for one hectic and fun gaming session. Multiplayer is local only, which makes sense since online would have introduced some lag that would have made the game too hard for its own good. The AI is not really good, which seems like an intentional thing from the devs to make you want to play with actual humans. The AI players appear to be randomly bouncing and jumping around for no reason.

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Along with the Story campaign, there is also a Battle mode which has you competing in random levels, and whoever scores the most points wins. It’s not as simple as it sounds, since there will be random attacks and punishments introduced by Joe himself to try and destroy all aliens on screen. Punishments can certainly make you lose the game, so good luck with that!

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Epic Loon is a platformer that does things differently on Nintendo Switch. The gameplay mechanics are something that you need to get used to, but the overall quirky premise of “aliens have invaded an old VHS collection” is definitely interesting, not to mention that the movies that are parodied in this game will keep you busy for a while.

This Epic Loon review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Ukuza.

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