[Review Revisited] Ninja Pizza Girl

by the_nmac

Hop, skip and jump your way over ninjas and more in New York City to get your pizzas delivered on time. Check out our Ninja Pizza Girl review!

Ninja Pizza Girl dropped on the PS4 almost two years ago, and I had some fun playing it. Your one goal was delivering your pizza to the customers in time, and you run through the cities rooftops and skylines to make that happen. Along the way, a neat story of loneliness and bullying is told. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Tracey had this to say in her review.

The one thing I loved about the game the most is the way it tries to address bullying. Bullying comes in all forms, be it physical, verbal or mental – online bullying is a very bad thing as well. I liked what the team tried to achieve, and I hope the game helps in some small way. Even if the game only reaches one child and changes his/her life, then it will be a job well done.

Check out the full review here!!


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