[Review Revisited] Entwined

by Ceidz, Owner

Entwined is a dual-stick game in which you are controlling a bird and a fish, through different levels of increasing difficulty. This game had been announced at the PlayStation 4 reveal event, and I was VERY excited to play it. It eventually went on sale a few weeks ago, so I decided to grab it. It’s definitely a unique experience!

In Entwined, you are controlling an orange fish using the left analog stick and a blue bird using the right analog stick. The gameplay is easy to get the hang of, but with the various obstacles on the way, you’ll need to be very fast in order to be able to complete all nine levels. Every time you clear a level, you will learn a little more about the light story, and it’s a very rewarding experience.

This experience isn’t particularly long, as I managed to clear all nine levels under 3 hours, but it was very fun, so I definitely recommend it to every PlayStation 4 gamer out there!


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