[PS4] The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker Review

by Tracey

The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker is an interactive Lovecraftian psychological FMV murder mystery. Learn more in our The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker review!

You play the role of a psychiatrist who is in charge of finding out why the previous Psychiatrist, Dr. Dekker, was murdered. You will talk to many patients, all who are crazy enough to be a potential murderer, and it is your job to weed out the real killer. The game has several possible endings, and getting the true ending with the real killer will be a challenge. Every playthrough is very different and your run will be different than what another player experiences.

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You get to hear some pretty weird and bizarre stories from the group of patients you talk to, and you can ask questions about what they’re talking about… and that’s pretty much it. Some of the characters you can ask questions to are, for example, a gravedigger who has 25 hours in his day, and a nurse who seems perfectly normal at first, until you get to see what type of person said nurse really is – there is a good variety of characters with very different personalities.

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As you play through the game you can form relationships with the patients by becoming their friends as you try to discover the ‘real’ them, or you can select to be objective and help them as much as you can through questioning. You will find yourself drawn to particular characters as you delve deep into their personal lives, with some characters happily opening up while others might have an issue with you being so inquisitive.

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Gameplay is pretty simple since you can switch between various characters using the left and right shoulder buttons, and you can do that freely as you play, so you’re not locked to just one patient at a time. You can, depending on the difficulty you choose, ask questions which are presented to you, but if you chose the Insane difficulty, then you will type in all your questions and get absolutely zero hints. Some patients will ask you questions of their own, and you can choose to reply in simple yes or no answers, or you can give them full answers.

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Your notepad will become very valuable later on since you can make a note of anything you feel is important. You can press the Triangle button to show a keyboard you can use for your questions. I played this one on the Insane difficulty since mysteries like this appeal to me, and I like not having hints shoved down my throat. Your experience can be different if you want to, and you can begin with the Hello difficulty in which characters will tell you a bit about themselves and then the questions just start flowing. Sometimes the patients can become frustrated if they don’t understand your question or they can refuse to cooperate, so be ready for that.

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The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker is a different type of mystery game thanks to its theme, gameplay mechanics and FMV segments. This is a long game that will take you around 8 hours or so to complete, and even longer if you want to add another Platinum trophy to your collection, since you’ll need to ask hundreds of questions, as well as find the real killer of Doctor Dekker. I had a blast playing the game since I’ve now become a fan of FMV games, and I look forward to seeing what new FMV game Wales Interactive gives us next.

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This The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Wales Interactive.

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