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by Ceidz, Owner

Runbow is a local and online platforming competition game in which you must complete objectives in a colorful world in which platforms and obstacles disappear in a blink as colors change. Learn more about this must-have PS4 game in our Runbow review!

The world of Runbow changes with each swipe of the background, so you’ll have to stay on your toes as platforms and obstacles disappear – If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Fast, frantic, and fun for up to nine players, Runbow is filled with tons of modes and content to keep you running back for more.

Runbow – Trailer

This is a double review for Runbow. The game was played by ThaRaven403 and Ceidz. This review presents what they both had to say.

Before going any further, and if you’re a regular here, you should know that I love couch competition games, my favorite one being Rayman Legends, which released over five years ago. Well, I’m happy to report that Runbow is the closest you’ll get to something like that multiplayer madness!

At its core, this is a platforming side-scroller set in a world in which the background color changes every few seconds. The catch is that when the platform color is the same color as the background, it ceases to exist. You have to keep an eye on the color of the background and how and when it changes (you have a short window to react) to stay in the air (or on the ground as needed), while keeping track of other players who want to get in your way and beat you. This is a fast-paced game that is quite frantic, and you will die every few seconds as you learn how to tackle a stage. You’ll be having a lot of fun as you try to beat your opponents while making sure you don’t die at the worst possible time!

Runbow Review

There are some multiplayer modes available to give you a fresh experience while using the same basic gameplay mechanics. The first one is titled Ready to Run, and recommends that you bring at least two players into the mix. In this mod, you’ll have to race to the end of each short level and be the first one to reach the goal. The levels aren’t necessarily hard, which makes hitting opponents a lot of fun! A typical race containing ten different levels will last around 5 minutes.

The mode Step Into The Arena was by FAR my favorite. For this one, all players land in a small level that fits completely on the screen, and your goal is to be the last man standing. Once again it is incredibly fast-paced as a typical match of 10 rounds takes only a few minutes to complete. This one was a blast to play, and I recommend that you give it a try. As for the King of the Hill mode, you will need to battle against the other players as you aim at being able to remain by your own on the target for seven seconds to win a round. Since the background colors change a lot, and since all players share the same objective, this becomes a very chaotic mode!

Runbow Review

Runbow’s soundtrack is just as crazy and intense as the action in the game. As the composer states on the Bandcamp page for the soundtrack, it’s a mix of “Jazz-Afro-Cuban-Blues-Bossa-Nova-Cinematic-Surf Rock” that’s remixed for some extra craziness. It fits the game perfectly, and it’s so good that it’s totally worth the asking price on Bandcamp since I’m sure you’ll be playing enjoying it a lot at home or on the go.

To continue where Ceidz left of, I’ll talk about the two other modes in the game. The first one is titled the Adventure mode, and in it, you must clear a wide range of different platforming levels to reach the end as fast as possible, or to complete the stage’s objective, to earn up to three medals per stage. Most are races in which you must reach the ending point, but there is also a little variety in the levels since some ask that you collect coins, and others even feature bosses. With all those levels to play (there are hundreds!), and the fact that they all have a time challenges on the side, you’ll be playing this one for a very long time. There’s a reason why Ceidz mentioned Rayman Legends since this game is probably the closest you’ll get to the intense platforming experience (with expertly done level design) that you can get form that game.

The last mode included in the game is called the Bowhemoth. This mode is basically a behemoth sized level (pun time!), that’s separated into multiple segments, each with its own pattern. Sometimes the colors will be swapping like in the adventure levels, but other times they’ll just be altering and moving from left to right, so you have to time your jumps to when the platforms are available, or else you’ll end up in the deadly acid at the bottom/fall into a bottomless pit!

As you can imagine, these sections are the hardest you’ll encounter in the whole game, making it a very challenging run. To give you an idea, the first of the two trophies related to the Bowhemoth is to finish it with less than 60 deaths or in less than 60 minutes! And when you think that was a challenging objective, you’ll have to try beating it with ten deaths or less or in less than 20 minutes for another trophy! Because of this, those two trophies are some of the rarest trophies in the game. Are you up to the challenge?

Runbow Review

And as for all those multiplayer modes, the fact that you can play online with up to 9 people makes for some crazy multiplayer sessions. Since the levels are generally short and anyone can fall to their death at any moment (or be electrocuted, or punched, etc.), you’re always in the competition, and if you do fail, the next match is only a couple of seconds away. Since the game’s controls are perfect, if you die you will not fear as if it was unfair.

As for the trophies, this game has a good balance between single and multiplayer trophies. Multiplayer will involve some skills and luck, as some trophies like landing 20 hits and winning in a single game might be pretty hard to pull off if you’re playing with complete strangers. On the single-player side of things, it will basically require you to get the best time for the three medals in each and every level there is in the game, and obviously the Bowhemoth trophies I mentioned earlier. If you like the game, this will probably be a medium difficult Platinum that you’ll enjoy all the time it takes you to get there and that you’ll really be proud to have in the end!

Runbow Review

Final Thoughts
As you can tell from our review, we’re both big fans of platforming games like the beloved Rayman series, so playing Runbow for our review was a blast! The single and multiplayer experiences are quite fun and lengthy, so even if you’re a fan of only one or the other, you’ll find more than enough in this game to have fun. And if you happen to like playing solo and multiplayer, you’ve hit the jackpot with this game since its only $15!


$14.99 (PS4)

PSN Game size: 1.25GB (PS4)

This Runbow Review is based on PlayStation 4 copies provided by HeadUp Games.

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