[PlayStation 4] The Path of Motus Review

by Tracey

The Path of Motus is a puzzle heavy adventure game that is a lot of fun. Find out why in our The Path of Motus review!

This is a very colorful adventure in which you will find 22 journal entries dotted around each area. Across three acts you will explore different periods in Motus’ life: his childhood, his adolescence, and his adulthood. There are two ways to play the game: you can be peaceful, or you can kill your way through. Being peaceful means fighting with words rather than actions. I think the concept is really good as the aim is to promote anti-bullying. We all have had some degree of bullying in our childhoods, and here you have the tools at your disposal to decide what type of player you want to be in The Path of Motus.

You will use the four buttons on the DualShock 4 to shoot various colored projectiles at your enemies. This is you shouting words at your enemy, and you need to be careful since they will do the same thing to you. There might be times when you feel like violence is the only way to continue, but you should know there is always another way. To me, being peaceful during my run felt a lot more fun, and it mixes well with the logic-based puzzles in the game. There are several areas to explore by way of platforming, and you can go into other people’s houses and collect the journals that are often hidden in there.

So you have the war of words mechanic, the platforming sections, collecting journal pages, and puzzles that are challenging but not unfair since they’re logic puzzles with numbers. When you are near a large gap that you cannot jump over, you are greeted with a canvas board where you can draw a map, but the challenge is there are X number of nodes with numbers and the goal is to match the quantity with an equal amount of connected lines.

For example, if a node has “5” on it then you have to connect five lines in total to that one node. While this might sound easy, in practice it requires you to pay a lot of attention, since as you progress in the game the complexity of the bridges will increase, so you’ll need to have some extra patience by your side.

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The Path of Motus is a fun puzzle platformer with an interesting way of presenting us with an anti-bullying message. The game has a solid art style, entertaining logic-based puzzles, and a story in which you will engage with different stages of Motus’ life to better understand what is going on in this world of his. If you’re looking for a different type of game, then be sure to check The Path of Motus on PlayStation 4!

The Path of Motus Review - 6

This Path of Motus review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by MichaelArts LLC.

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