[PlayStation 4] Khara: The Game Review

by Tracey

Khara: The Game is a beautiful adventure on PlayStation 4 from indie team DNA Softworks. Learn more about it in our Khara: The Game review!

You play as a young girl named Khara who is caught in a severe storm with her father. They end up shipwrecked on an unknown island, and during the confusion Khara sees her father being dragged by strange looking creatures. The game is entertaining and easy for the most part, and other than a section where you need to get from point A to B before your time is up, it’s a very relaxing overall experience.

Khara: The Game Review - 1

The game is pretty linear, and straightforward, so you won’t end up getting lost. There is an owl that acts as your guide, and as you play the game, you will come to understand the owl’s role is more than that. Just be sure to explore each area you visit so that you can find what you need to progress in your search for your father, as you take on this journey of self-discovery.

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It won’t be very long until Khara learns her first skill, and as you progress you will learn handy abilities such as teleporting and cloning – each skill opens up the game more and more. Combat is relatively easy, and the game will show you how to use your skills to defeat the enemies, and you will meet. Speaking of bosses, Khara: The Game has some awesome big boss battles, with the later bosses proving to be a good challenge. The key, as expected, is learning what their weak spots are and use the relevant skill to defeat them.

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The indie team put a lot of care into making the game look great on PlayStation 4, with some solid attention to detail. The only issue I can report for the game are some mistakes in the game’s writing, with misspelled words and incorrect grammar used here and there, but since the team is from Spain and English is not their native language, mistakes like these are sort of expected. Nothing they can’t fix with a patch, right?

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Khara: The Game from indie DNA Softworks on PlayStation 4 is a short but fun adventure that is worth your time. The team did a great job with its first game release, with a soundtrack that fits the action perfectly, pushing forward during large landscapes and being just right during the tense boss battles. I look forward to seeing what the studio does next on PS4!

Khara: The Game Review - 5

This Khara: The Game review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by DNA Softworks.

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