[PlayStation 4] Devious Dungeon Review

by Tracey

Devious Dungeon is a very addictive 2D dungeon crawler on PS4 and PS Vita with a solid Platinum trophy for your effort. Learn more about in our Devious Dungeon review!

Devious Dungeon is a very fun 2D action dungeon crawler platforming thing. The game is very generous with its checkpoints so when you die you won’t lose a lot of progress. You’re looking at around 5-7 hours to get all the trophies for this one depending on your skill, and none of the trophies are missable which is always great news for trophy hunters worldwide, right? And this one is also a cross-buy game AND the PS4 and PS Vita trophy lists are separate, so you can get two Platinum trophies for the price of one!

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You start out at the King’s Castle, and each time you die, you return here to buy upgrades, better weapons, armor, rings and amulets which will alter your stats to you make you stronger so that you can eventually make short work of the tougher enemies and bosses in this game with 65 levels and six bosses in total. There is a portal at the end of the King’s throne room which takes you to the levels hub, and for the next set of levels to be available you’ll need to pass the checkpoint, so you can restart at the latest set of stages without having to do all of it again. This is why I say the game is more of a roguelite instead of a roguelike since it’s not as punishing as other games with similar gameplay mechanics.

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And every time you die and enter the same level, you will notice that the layout has been completely randomized, so you can’t just learn your way around. You’ll need to discover where items and chests are, as well as find the secret rooms since they are in different locations every time – and the same goes for the enemies you will face! This will keep you on high alert at all times so that you’re not caught by surprise by any enemy or hazard in particular, and it is part of what makes the game so addictive. Along with being able to buy stuff to increase your stats you can also level up. You can get experience from defeating enemies, but the real boost comes from secret tomes which can give you a solid push towards low double digits and beyond.

The combat is simple and to the point since you can attack with the Square button and jump with the X button… and that’s really all you need to know to beat the game! Sure, some enemies take more hits than others to die, as is the case for orcs which take around three hits to kill, and they get stronger before you do, so it’s important that you smash all the vases and loot every coin that drops as you will need to buy new gear each time you die. There are healing potions in the game but they are a very rare find, and will only heal a bit of your hit points at most.

The pixel art graphics are very highly polished and make the game look great and colorful on PS4. Each time you purchase new armor your character gets a whole new look, and this is perfectly portrayed in the game in its 2D format. Speaking of the 2D presentation, the Dungeons are HUGE! Luckily you can access a map with the DualShock 4 Touchpad so that you don’t end up lost. There are also quests for you to complete for things such as kill X number of Orcs or destroy Y number of vases, so nothing over the top but some extra objectives to keep you busy.

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As I said before, Devious Dungeon is a very addictive game that I’m sure you’re going to love. It’s very fun to play, looks great, has more than enough content for its asking price, is a cross-buy PS4 and PS Vita release and it offers you a chance to get a double Platinum, so you’re getting quite the bargain!

This Devious Dungeon review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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