[Beyond PlayStation] Octocopter: Double or Squids Review

by Tracey

Octocopter: Double or Squids from TACS Games is a charming game in which you control an Octopus who has wrapped itself over a small submarine. Learn more about it in our Octocopter: Double or Squids!

Because the Octopus is sitting on top of the submarine, it is causing some issues with its navigation systems, which is why the submarine is always spinning. You will, therefore, need to help the submarine move from point A to point B in every stage while trying to avoid hitting the walls. The game offers single-player campaign as well as a local four player mode for some hectic split screen action. You will need to be careful as you navigate the submarine through each level so that you can safely reach the exit. You have three heart containers, a simple knock on the side loses you one heart. If you’re too hasty, make mistakes and lose all three hearts, then it’s back to the start or your last checkpoint.

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Octocopter: Double or Squids features separate worlds with multiple levels in each one. There will be traps and hazards aplenty during your journey, and as you navigate through each course you will be able to collect the rubber ducks that are dotted around, almost as to guide you towards the exit. Collecting all rubber ducks is important if you want to earn all medals for a stage, so if you want to 100% the game you need to get them all and finish a stage within the specific time limit for it.

The levels are mostly simple in design, which is how the game needs to be presented since the spinning submarine is a challenge in itself and making the level designs overly complicated would have made for a very frustrating game! Navigating thought narrow passages will require you to find the proper timing so that you move at the right time to keep the submarine clear from any damage. Losing one heart container at the start of a stage might be what keeps you from reaching the exit as you make a mistake or miscalculate your momentum.

Octocopter: Double or Squids Review - 3

As I mentioned before, each stage awards you with medals for completing each level within a set time limit, and finding the perfect timing and the right route to take from start to finish is part of the puzzle. The way the submarine spins, and how you also need to grab the rubber ducks while keeping the vessel in one piece, will probably distract you a bit as you try to complete a level as fast as possible, but a bit of trial and error will allow you to succeed since repeating a level or two will definitely be part of the equation.

Octocopter: Double or Squids is a colorful and vibrant game that is fun to play on Nintendo Switch at home or on the go. The controls are flawless, and the short tutorial will get you going in no time, so you’ll know that when you hit a wall or fall into a trap, it’s your fault and not the game’s. This one is short but fun, so if you don’t mind a game where gameplay is the focus and a story is not what you need, then you should give this one a go.

This Octocopter: Double or Squids review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by TACS Games.

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