[Accessory Review] 1MORE iBFree Sport Bluetooth Headphones Review

by Ceidz, Owner

As someone who does spend a lot of time outside, mainly taking a walk, biking or running, I was pleased to get a chance to review a pair of Bluetooth sports headphones that double as a cell phone headset. Read more about this product in our 1MORE iBFree Sport Bluetooth Headphones review!

LIGHTWEIGHT ERGONOMIC SPORT DESIGN – Be free to enjoy your music while staying active. Oblique angled ear fittings naturally match the curve of your ear canals while 3 sets of included ear tip and sport grip sizes ensure a comfortable secure fit.

BLUETOOTH 4.1 WITH aptX CODING – Experience meticulous wireless sound quality without signal loss. A titanium driver provides sizzling highs, present mids, and powerful bass. A 30 ft. wireless range, 8 hours of extended playback and 240 hours of standby lets you play longer.

WATER/SWEAT RESISTANT – IPX 4 Water Housing protects earpieces and controls from rain, splashing, and sweat, while an attractive textured aluminum alloy body ensures durability. These are the perfect in-ear headphones for exercising and outdoor use.

INTELLIGENT CONTROL TECHNOLOGY – In-line remote control is conveniently located allowing you to effortlessly control volume, select songs, and take calls. Superior MEMS microphone has independently set ground wires to eliminate cross-talk and background static.

EXPERTLY TUNED – 1MORE collaborated with internationally acclaimed producer, mixer, and sound engineer Luca Bignardi to perfect the final tuning to deliver a precise representation of your favorite artist’s intended sound.

1MORE iBFree Sport Bluetooth Headphones Review

As you can see in the picture above, the headphones come in a slick box with a glossy finish that includes the headset, a small micro-USB wire, and an instruction manual explaining the basic functions of the device. The first thing you’ll need to do is charge the device (it’s pre-charged, but as with every battery-powered device out there, its recommended that you fully charge it before using it). When charging, a red light pops up to let you know its working as expected. According to the manufacturer, a quick charge of 15 minutes gives you 1 hour of autonomy, while a full charge takes around 2 hours. I’ll come back to talk about the autonomy in a bit.

When the device is booting up, which is done by pressing and holding the power button for five seconds, and if you have the headphones on your head, you can hear it singing “One More.” It’s silly, but I really liked that bonus. As you can see from the earpiece design below, the headphones are equipped with angled ear fittings, which lodge neatly into the ear, making them both comfortable and sturdy while running. Oh, and when you’re running outside, you can adjust the wire length as needed.


The sound that comes from each earpiece is very good, with a perfect balance of both highs and lows. After using it for a few days at home, I thought that the other Bluetooth headset I had sounded cheap compared to what I had now gotten used to. If you’re an audiophile, take note that I also tested this one listening to FLAC audio files and it felt like I was standing directly in the recording studio – it was amazing!

As you can see in the image below, there are three buttons on the main control unit: raise the volume, power on/off (or Bluetooth discovery mode) and lower the volume. The one complaint I have about this is that the information for what each button does is printed on a sticker and not onto each of the buttons, which means that one the sticker falls off you’ll have to remember what each button is for.

1MORE iBFree Sport Bluetooth Headphones Review

Autonomy, range and connectivity

For the autonomy of the unit, I tested it a full week before writing this review. From my tests, a full charge can get you through a lot of different sports sessions without even recharging it. It can also play music for you through an entire normal workday. With some moderate use, the unit was able to last for three days, and that includes connecting it to my computer early in the morning and disconnecting it once before leaving because it automatically goes into standby mode when the music isn’t playing.

The range is also very impressive. I tested it with my daughter outside, and in a clear line between my cell phone and the headset, I was able to hear the music without any signal loss with a very respectable distance close to the advertised 30 feet. At close range, the sound was flawless, and it never cut even once in my office testing sessions. While running I had to change the phone direction in my pocket to make sure the sound wasn’t cutting out, but if you want to make sure it doesn’t, the best way to use them is by hanging your cell phone from your arm. One feature that is also very neat is that when the headset is paired to a device, it states the battery status (high, low) so even if you don’t have a visual indicator, you still have access to this data.

1MORE iBFree Sport Bluetooth Headphones Review

On my work computer, the headset paired without any effort, and the same goes for my cell phone – which is an Android Pixel. On a sad note, the headset can’t be paired in the Bluetooth devices section of the PlayStation 4 because the firmware detects it is a wireless headset and states that only “recognized” devices (aka from Sony) can be successfully paired to the PlayStation 4. There is way through a USB Bluetooth dongle connected to the PS4, and connecting the headset to said dongle, and it is weird that Sony decided to block devices such as this one in the first place. On a happy note, pairing the headset to my PlayStation Vita was a cinch.

Final Thoughts
As you can see from my review, the 1MORE iBFree Headphone became my favorite headset. I can clearly hear both the higher and lower frequencies with a good balance, and the sound is really great. It’s also very comfortable and stays comfortable even when you’re in the middle of an exercise session!

If you’re curious and want to check it for yourself, head to the official page.

1MORE iBFree Sport Bluetooth Headphones Review

This 1MORE iBFree Bluetooth In-Ears review is based on a unit provided by 1MORE.

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