[Review Revisited] Rainbow Moon

by the_nmac

Since a sequel is releasing soon, it’s time to revisit a great RPG from 2012. Come check out our review for the RPG classic Rainbow Moon!

I thought now would be a great chance to revisit Rainbow Moon, which released six years ago. eastasiasoft promised us a spiritual successor in Rainbow Skies, and we are now weeks away from its release. It’s a game I’m currently reviewing and one I look forward to talking about soon.

Tracey had this to say in her review.

Rainbow Moon will get many hours of your life with its huge amount of content. Just to get that shiny Platinum trophy you must level up to 500 and that is no easy task! It’s a good thing the main story quest line is jam packed with fun activities, not to mention how the optional stuff will keep you hooked in the long run as well. The jump to PlayStation 4 has made this one shine, and the graphics look great and everything is very detailed and colorful. It’s an overall smoother experience on PS4, with 60 fps, 1080p and almost no loading! If you started Rainbow Moon on PS3 or Vita and wanted to continue playing on PS4, you can import your save file and continue right where you left, and that is an awesome feature!

Check out the full review here!!


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