[PS4Blog.net Inteview] Dan Marshall On Just A Logo

by EdEN, Owner

After the reveal for Just a Logo, I managed to get in touch with Dan Marshall to bring you the worldwide exclusive expanded look at Just a Logo. Come check it out!

PS4Blog: Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, what with your busy work schedule and it being E3 2018. How are you doing on this fine sunny morning?

Great, thanks. Still really buzzing from the announcement – it’s been a crazy ride- and just catching up on all the incredible hype Just a Logo is already getting.

This is Just A Logo

PS4B: You took to the worldwide showcase stage on June 11 and announced Just a Logo, with the companion #AndAHashtag, surprising everyone. Then, you shared a screenshot that is both concept art and in-game! What more can you tell us about the ethos, the pathos and the chutzpah of Just a Logo?

The team here at Size Five is working very hard on Just a Logo. We’ve been given sign-off to definitely make a game, funding is in place and we’re assembling a team of the finest coders, artists and storywriters in the business to make sure the game is every bit the success it deserves to be. I think it’s important before a single line of code is written to make sure we’ve got a strong logo, which really sells the ethos of the company and highlights the type of game that our fans deserve and, ultimately, I think we as a team would really like to make.

Yep Still Just A Logo

PS4B: It’s interesting that for this E3 2018 you managed to keep Just a Logo a secret. Most of the stuff we’ve seen from MS and Sony has been games we’ve known about for years or stuff that was leaked weeks ago, the exception being Nintendo which would have won E3 this year if not for your announcement. How did you manage to keep this one sealed for so long?

Leaks are a big problem in the games industry, especially in the run-up to E3. So the marketing department had this plan to really nip that in the bud and get ahead of the game and announce something – anything – in order to test the water and make sure the kind of projects we’re working on really are the kind of thing the public may or may not be interested in. It’s important that we look busy.

This Is Not Just A Logo

PS4B: I was wondering why the enhanced, improved, and expanded port of Behold the Kickmen for Nintendo Switch was taking so long, but now that you’ve revealed Just a Logo, it all makes sense. It’s not like the game would benefit from releasing close to the Worldwide Football Matches 2018, since Behold the Kickmen is a classic tale for the ages that can certainly wait for the Worldwide Kicking Battles 2022 event. Anyway, can’t you just go with Blurb for Behold the Kickmen, press the “Print for Switch” button, and give this one to us already?

As a studio we’ve very much drawn a line under Behold the Kickmen for now, with the majority of the workforce fully focused on realizing the ‘Just a Logo’ vision.

Yep Still Just A Logo

PS4B: Once again, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Is there something else you’d like to add before we go?

It really is too early to talk about the wheres and wheresnots at this stage, thank you.

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