[PlayStation Vita] Riddled Corpses EX Review

by EdEN, Owner

Twin-stick action shooter Riddled Corpses EX from Diabolical Mind and Cowcat is now on PlayStation Vita. Learn more about it in our Riddled Corpses EX review!

This being a twin-stick shooter means that you move around with the left analog stick and shoot with the right one. You can use dynamite with the X button or the R button, can use the time clock with the Square button or the L button, and can set a turret with the Circle button – that is once you unlock turrets. That’s all there is to it since the game will autoscroll for you as needed to keep the action going. There’s always a ton of enemies on screen at all times, so you won’t get to relax at all until you defeat the stage’s boss.

The game offers a Story Mode, an Arcade Mode, and a Survival Mode, as well as leaderboards for each mode so that you can see how good you are when compared to the rest of the world. As you start a run, you will get to select your character, and each has several parameters for movement, special, delay, and damage, as well as an ability slot. By collecting gold in each run you will be able to improve and unlock characters or weapons for your next run, and you can also start a new run from any stage you’ve already unlocked.

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Enemies enter the scene from coffins that pop out of the ground, and they come in a variety of shapes. Some of them will try to damage you by touching you while others shoot energy at you from a distance. Larger enemies will show up by way of a portal, so as soon as you see a portal opening up, you better be ready to take on massive zombies with scythes and a funny hat, large tentacle-like creatures that shoot at you, and more. Each enemy wave will keep the screen static, and as soon as the timer bar runs out, the screen will move as more enemies pop in while you get to the next area of the game. Level three you’ll spend riding a motorcycle through a highway as you shoot at flying demons and floating eyeballs, so that level is a bit different.

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In the options menu you can select between the game’s classic soundtrack or its new soundtrack, can activate a screen filter, activate effects transparencies, and increase or decrease the volume of the music and sound effects in the game.

Riddled Corpses EX is a fun arcade-style twin-stick release that is a great pick-up-and-play release. I do feel it benefits from being on PlayStation Vita since it’s perfect for playing short 10-15 minute sessions here and there, instead of having to sit down for longer gaming sessions. Cowcat did a lot of work to give us an enhanced version of Riddled Corpses on Sony’s portable, hence the EX in the title, making this the definitive version and a game you should definitely try.

Riddled Corpses EX Review - 6

This Riddled Corpses EX review is based on a PlayStation Vita copy provided by Cowcat.

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