PlayStation Now – June Game Update

by EdEN, Owner

June is here, and that means its time for a new update on PlayStation Now! Thanks to the new games added this month to the service, it now offers 650 games!

The new games added to the service are:

Adam’s Venture: Origins

Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault

Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

Firefighters: The Simulation


Okage: Shadow King

Seasons After Fall

Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo

Table Top Racing

Wild Arms 3

On top of that, two games have been upgraded from their PS3 to their PS4 version:

Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition

WRC 5 FIA World Rally Championship

If you still haven’t gotten a subscription to the service, you can try it for free for 7 days by clicking right here.

There’s also a special promo available up until September 25, by which new subscribers can get their first month for only $9.99. If you also have a PS Plus subscription, you can get a PS+ exclusive 3 month subscription for $29.99, or you can get a full 12-month subscription for $99.99.

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