[PlayStation 4] Omensight Review

by EdEN, Owner

Omensight from Spearhead Games is an action release in which you play as the Harbinger, a mythical warrior that only appears in times of crisis. Learn more about this one in our Omensight review!

Omensight is from the same team that brought us Stories: The Path of Destinies, a game I had a lot of fun reviewing two years ago. For this one, you get to play in the land of Urralia, which is torn by war. That in itself is pretty bad, right? Well, things get worse, fast: you will see how the world is destroyed by a dark God. Yes, all of it. Luckily you are given a chance to relive that final day in a desperate attempt to try and write a new story with your Omensight power as you take on or team up with key players. The team bills this one as an an Action Murder Mystery game, since you’ll need to explore each location and dig a bit to find clues so that you can find out what is really going on.

The game features voice acting and includes the talents of Patricia Summersett (The Kegend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild) and Julian Casey (We Happy Few, Stories: The path of Destinies), with as story written by Nadim Boukhira (Stories: The path of Destinies), Genese Davis (The Holder’s Dominion), and Chris Avellone (Planescape: Torment, Pillars of Eternity).

Before you start, you can select between one of the five available difficulties. There’s Story Focus in which the gameplay difficulty is reduced so that enemies are less aggressive and so that you can enjoy the story with some extra clues to lead the way. Balanced is the regular difficulty for this one. True Warrior bumps up the combat difficulty to up the challenge. True Detective requires that you really pay attention to the story and what is going on so that you can solve the mystery at hand. And then, there’s True Harbinger in which enemies are out for blood and you get no help or clues to solve the game’s mystery! If you feel that the difficulty you selected is too easy or too hard, then you can change it later in the options menu.

You move around the game with the left analog stick, jump with the X button (and double jump by pressing it again), and can dodge with the Circle button. Square is one of your attacks, pressing it will unleash a fast attack but holding it down will do a Phantom Blast. The Triangle button is for your heavy attack, and if you hold it down you will activate a Lethal Slash or a Lethal Flurry. The L1 button is for the Phantom Grasp ability to …. and the L2 button is for your Phantom Dash. R1 button is for using Omensight and the Delay of Fate, while the R2 button is for using your companion ability. That’s right, you’re not alone in this one and will have companions who will aid you on your adventure, attacking enemies and using their special ability when needed – if available.

The game will start you off with a tutorial so that you can practice all of this. It’s a short section with some fights, a bit of platforming, a bit of storytelling, and a bit of interacting with some of the NPC in the game. You will get to learn of what has happened during the final battle between the end of the world, and will uncover the backstory of some of the key players in this story. After that, you will be summoned by a witch who will share some of the story that has led to the moment when the world ends… and offer a way for you to try and keep that from happening.

As you play the game you will gain experience and level up. Once you do, you should go before the Chalice to meditate to unlock new skills – your first one will be the Phantom Blast which, as I mentioned before, you can unleash by holding down on the Square button to then release an energy projectile. You can also find amber during your journey, which can be offered as tribute at the magical anvil to receive a blessing, which includes things such as increasing your overall health, increasing the damage dealt by your blade, or unlocking a perfect dodge which will slow down time if you dodge an attack at the last possible second, to name a few examples.

This Omensight review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Spearhead Games.

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