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by EdEN, Owner

EVERSPACE from ROCK Fish Games is a highly anticipated gorgeous single-player space shooter that is finally available on PlayStation 4. Learn more about this roguelike release in our EVERSPACE review!

EVESPACE is a great looking game with roguelike elements in which you take on a journey into space in which you’ll battle against deadly aliens, recover loot, scan lifeforms, and try to stay alive. As you can imagine from the mention of the world roguelike, once you die you will need to start all over again, but luckily the game allows you to make some slow but steady progress with every new run that you do. ROCKFISH Games took the project to Kickstarter many moons ago, and it is now finally available on PlayStation 4.

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The game will start with a short tutorial. You can move forward by holding down on the L2 button and can go backwards with the L1 button. You can turn left and right and up or down with the left analog stich and can boost with the L3 button. The right analog stick moves the camera around. You can attack with the R2 button, and you will at first have access to a pulse laser or a gatling gun by changing weapons by pressing up on the D-Pad – if you hold up you will get a selection wheel so that you can pick the right weapon for the job. You can use the R3 button to lock onto a target and you’ll then be ready to fire your secondary weapon with the R1 button – change secondary weapons by pressing down on the D-Pad.

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When in battle, activating your weapon overdrive will allow you to deal more damage to enemy ships, so be sure to make good use of it – just remember it has a limited use and a cooldown period! You need to activate it at the right time to make the most of it, or else you might find yourself battling against several enemies at once without being able to deal enough damage to their shields and spaceships to survive the battle.

As you travel though each sector you will be able to take different paths of varying threat levels, and going into a hyperspace jump will consume a considerable chunk of your fuel, so you should always be on the lookout for mineable fuel as well as for stations at which you can replenish your fuel at a cost. You’ll also find valuable resources in each area, so be sure to search high and low for containers that might provide you with extra weapons or other items. If you find a weapon that is not as good as what you currently have, all is not lost since you can decide to salvage the weapon and deconstruct it into other resources.

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Once you die, the roguelike kicks in but, as I mentioned before, you can make some progress with every run that you do since In-game currency is a premium resource that can completely change how you approach the game thanks to the upgrades you can get since you can, for example, focus on increasing your overall offensive capabilities, or you might favor your overall defense so that you can withstand more damage. Heck, you could even go with a new spaceship, but those cost a ton!

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Overall, I’d have to say the wait for EVERSPACE on PlayStation 4 has been worth it. There’s a ton of content to enjoy in this one, and if you end up playing it and like what you see, you might want to also get the Encounters DLC which adds a new spaceship, the Colonial Sentinel, as well as several hours of extra gameplay with new questlines, new factory space stations, and more! Or, you know, you can also get the EVERSPACE Stellar Edition which includes the game, the Encounters DLC, the EVERSPACE soundtrack and an EVERSPACE dynamic theme!

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This EVERSPACE Review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by ROCKFISH Games.

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