[E3 2018] Devolver Digital Releasing Metal Wolf Chaos XD This Year

by EdEN, Owner

Devolver Digital announced Metal Wolf Chaos XD during their E3 press conference, and it will be releasing the game later this year on PS4! We have a teaser trailer and some new screens and info, so come check them out!

Metal Wolf Chaos XD is a rearmed and modernized release of From Software’s legendary mech shooter Metal Wolf Chaos, previously release in 2004 as an Xbox exclusive only in Japan. For nearly 15 years, From Software fans have asked for an updated global release with their prayers finally answered in a collaboration between Devolver Digital, From Software, and General Arcade. Metal Wolf Chaos XD brings updated visuals, refined gameplay, and support for 16:9 4K displays.

{“DRSAppName” : “c:/mwchd/fp/wilson.exe”, “DRSProfileName” : “wilson.exe”}

{“DRSAppName” : “c:/mwchd/fp/wilson.exe”, “DRSProfileName” : “wilson.exe”}

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