[Beyond PlayStation] Pode Review

by Tracey

Pode from Henchman & Goon is a colorful and charming platforming game that can be played on your own or with a friend in co-op. Learn more about why this is a must-buy Nintendo Switch game in our Pode review!

I have played games that had a heavy emphasis on co-op, and that could be played on your own by switching between characters, but most of them have felt somewhat clunky as if something was missing. I’m happy to report that is not the case for Pod since it’s a game that is very fun and that can be enjoyed by players of all ages thanks to its solid gameplay mechanics.

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This is a very relaxing co-op puzzle adventure game with a nice soundtrack that perfectly fits the relaxing gameplay. You play as a small square shaped rock and a circular fallen star who find themselves at the bottom of a mountain. Together they will need to use their elemental powers to solve a variety of puzzles which involves manipulating the environment to progress. The duo needs to work in harmony to be able to open new areas to explore.

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The star’s elemental powers can make vegetation grow, and the rock can be used as a stepping stone so that its partner can reach higher areas, as well as do other things I won’t spoil here! Each character can emit a glow with the press of the ZR button when near an interactive object, and this activates a change in the environment, one, as I mentioned, can make vegetation grow which can allow you to find new platforms that form before your eyes, while the other can affect crystals and other mineral structures. When playing on your own changing between characters you’ll realize that it is very easy to do and very smooth, without any of the potential frustration found on other games that think of co-op first and in single-player later.

To exit a level, you must do so by holding hands by pressing the X button, which means you can’t exit until both characters have reached the exit area. It’s very heartwarming to see two cute and colorful characters join hands as they enter a new level, and I definitely think it’s a nice touch that reinforces how both characters work together towards reaching a common goal, helping each other along the way.

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The game looks great, with a look that the team says has been inspired by the Norwegian art and nature, which is why we have a game that certainly stands out from other puzzle platformers on Nintendo Switch – or on other consoles for that matter. It has a minimalist yet detailed look that managed to grab my attention from start to finish, and hopefully, it has the same effect on you.

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Pode is a very fun game on Nintendo Switch that is easy to recommend. The platforming sections are perfectly designed, the visuals are soothing, calming and charming, and the way you use both characters to interact with the environment make this an entertaining puzzle platformer that plays great and feels great, so it is something that players from 6 to 100 years of age will get a kick out of.

This Pode review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Henchman & Goon.

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