Astro Bot Rescue Mission Coming To PS VR

by EdEN, Owner

Sony is working on a new PlayStation VR platforming game: Astro Bot Rescue Mission. Come check out a new trailer and some new info for this release!

Nicolas Doucet, Producer at Japan Studio

Astro Bot Rescue Mission lets you take control of Astro, the Bot captain of a ship on a mission to rescue its lost crew, who are scattered over 5 planets. You will be running, jumping and punching throughout 26 stages across 5 worlds, each ending with an epic boss fight.

Thanks to PS VR, we were able to take platforming to new heights and develop rich gameplay around the player, taking advantage of the increased perspective, proximity and the added depth that PS VR offers. As a result, the game feels incredibly smooth, and jumps are ultra-precise – even in situations where the action ramps up. This opens up many doors for innovative play such as playing an entire sequence from multiple angles – below, from above, across 180 degrees or by leaning round corners to discover ledges and progress through levels.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission 2

Astro Bot Rescue Mission 5

Astro Bot Rescue Mission 4

Astro Bot Rescue Mission 3

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