Wipeout Omega Collection Demo Out Today

by EdEN, Owner

If you’ve been wanting to play Wipeout Omega Collection on PlayStation 4 then you’re going to be very happy to learn that you can check out a demo for Wipeout Omega Collection right now!

Wipeout Omega Collection 2

John McLaughlin, Senior Producer at Sony XDev, had this to say:

Select from the traditional Feisar ship, or the new Feisar VR ship and try a single race on two different tracks from HD and 2048 modes.

Experience the twists and turns and the blinding sunset of Vineta K from Wipeout HD. Then take on the speed fest with stomach churning vertical drops and jumps that that is Altima from Wipeout 2048.

For the most comfortable ride, we’d recommend starting with the default controls which are ‘Lock Camera To Cockpit’. Seasoned VR players can try the ‘Lock Camera to Pilot’ setting to experience what it would be like to drive an AG craft in real life. You’ll feel every twist and turn as you move with the ship, and yes, when you barrel roll you can spin 360 degrees.

Wipeout Omega Collection 3

You can download the Wipeout Omega Collection demo by clicking right here.

Wipeout Omega Collection 4

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