Walden, A Game, Now Available For PlayStation 4

by EdEN, Owner

USC Games has released Walden, a game, on PlayStation 4, a video game experience based on Henry David Thoreau’s book. Come learn more about this open world release!

It is July 4, 1845, and you, playing as writer Henry Thoreau, have just begun your experiment in self-reliant living on the shores of Walden Pond. Can you balance your basic needs for survival against your search for beauty and the sublime? Will you live life “deliberately”? Or will you live a life of “quiet desperation”?

Features a dynamic and changing natural environment filled with exquisite details, as well as a multi-faceted narrative following Thoreau’s quest for solitude and inspiration in the woods during a time of personal and social crises.

Explore this critically acclaimed adventure game that Smithsonian Magazine has called “the world’s most improbable video game.” Common Sense Media calls it “beautiful … you would be hard-pressed to name another game that’s more peaceful, calm, or will make you think about how you should spend more time outdoors.” And The New York Times concludes that “the challenge is stillness.”

Walden 2

Walden 3

Walden 4

Walden 5

Walden 6

Walden 7

Walden 1

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