[PlayStation 4] Horizon Chase Turbo Review

by Tracey

Horizon Chase Turbo on PlayStation 4 is a colorful and fast-paced arcade-style racer you should check out. Learn more about this indie release in our Horizon Chase Turbo review!

Horizon Chase Turbo is an arcade–style racer with three modes for you to take on. The primary campaign which is called World Tour, and then you have Tournament and Endurance. The game offers a total of 109 tracks across 48 different locations in the US, Brazil, China, Chile and more. There are some really breathtaking sights to enjoy in this one, from pretty and sunny locations and wintery and snowy areas to gorgeous night time racing, full of neon lighting that makes things pop. The game is super addictive, so once you start playing it’s tough to stop!

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There are more than 40 cars to unlock, and while the majority of the tracks are relaxing and fun, some tracks are insanely hard to complete in first place, so there is a bit of grinding involved so that you can earn better cars to stand a chance against your rivals. Once you land in Chile, you’ll probably need to find a better set of wheels if you want to stay on top of things.

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As with all racing games, it’s essential you don’t hit anything as you will lose all the speed and momentum you have gained, and it could easily cost you the race. On top of that, every hit you take makes you lose fuel, but luckily there are fuel cans in ample supply in the earlier sets of tracks… but as you progress to the later tracks you won’t be so lucky and might end up with no fuel to keep going right in the middle of a race! You also get three nitro boosts at the beginning of each race, as well as the odd extra as a power-up during a race, and they’re definitely very handy for catching up to the pack or to boost during the final run to the finish line.

There are collectible blue coins scattered around the tracks, and if you manage to collect all of them in a single race and come first with a full fuel tank you will earn a super trophy, which is technically the fastest way to unlock new and better cars as they are worth a lot of coins! Coins are only for unlocking cars and more tracks since upgrades are earned by winning bonus races for each location, and said upgrade will be open for all vehicles you’ve unlocked and for all cars you end up getting, which is definitely a great way to manage upgrades!

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Local multiplayer is available with up to three other players, making Horizon Chase Turbo the perfect party game to enjoy with your friends on the couch. Oh, and the game has a Platinum trophy that you can pretty much enjoy getting while playing on your own, which is a big plus in my book!

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Barry Leitch, who made the music for Top Gear, is behind the awesome music for Horizon Turbo Chase, and it’s a soundtrack that perfectly fits into the game’s atmosphere and action-packed races. The nighttime tracks, my favorite tracks to race on, with their neon lights, and the energy pumping songs do a great job of complementing my experience when racing on these scenarios.

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If you’re into colorful racing games with a ton of content, then you should definitely check out Horizon Chase Turbo on PlayStation 4. The team at Aquiris has done a great job with this fast-paced racer, and I’ll be working my way on getting a new Platinum for my collection as I work on completing the pending objectives in my trophy list. Hopefully we soon get some extra DLC tracks… or a sequel next year!

This Horizon Chase Turbo review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Aquiris.

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