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Dragon’s Crown Pro is a new take on the classic, and beloved fantasy adventure beat ‘em up RPG from Atlus which is now available on PlayStation 4. Take a look at our Dragon’s Crown Pro to learn more about it!

Before you can dive into a new adventure, you will first need to complete a short tutorial that will teach you the basics. You can move around with the left analog stick, and can jump by pressing the X button. If you want to dash, you can do so by holding down the Square button as you move, and you should always be ready to dash out of harm’s way by pressing the R1 button as needed. Your attacks ate activated with the Square button, and you can combo by pressing it several times in a row, strike upwards by holding up as you press the Square button, or slide by pressing downwards on the analog stick as you attack. You can also attack in the air, and can also strike upwards and dive downwards respectively.

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Guarding is also assigned to the Square button, so if you need to defend against your enemies just hold it down, and you will take a defensive position – as long as you’re not trying to defend against a strong attack or a powerful combination. A handy skill is the power smash which you trigger with the Circle button, thusly smashing your weapon into the ground or to throw the weapon, rendering it unusable until the red X over it goes away.

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You can also pick up weapons from the ground, and this is especially important for weapons that have a set limit of uses, but that can certainly turn the tide of battle. As for items, they are selected by using the D-Pad to go through your inventory, so be sure to always know what you have on you since you never know when you’ll have to quickly use a healing potion before it is too late! To use an item, you’ll need press down on the D-Pad so be careful so that you don’t end up activating an item you didn’t want to. Oh, and after using an item, there will be a cooldown period so that you don’t abuse its power.

As you explore each area, you might also find some food as you destroy containers in your vicinity. Food is very valuable since it will be consumed automatically once you stop moving and attacking, and it can restore up to 150% of your maximum health. That’s right, thanks to the food you can have extra health on top of your max health, so make good use of this bonus! I’d suggest you eat every now and then before you enter a new area, once you’ve defeated all enemies, to be ready just in case you’re ambushed.

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Something interesting is that you can use the right analog stick to move a finger around the screen. Said finger can then be used to, say, order your companion, Rannie the Rogue, to open a locked door by selecting it and then pressing the L1 button. You can also instruct him to open treasure chests which might contain some valuable weapons or items to aid you on your journey.

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When the tutorial is over, the game will continue to present to you some new things such as the Adventurer’s Guild, where you can take on the tests presented by the Guild Master to join its ranks, or Morgan’s Magic Item Shop where you can, buy and sell items as well as appraise items and weapons found during your journeys, not to mention repairing your equipment. Repairing your equipment is a must since every time you attack an enemy, every time you take an attack or, say, use a shield to defend, it will have its durability lowered.

Once you take on your first quest and enter one of the game’s stages, you will learn that defeating enemies will make them drop items which you should definitely pick up since they will increase your score. This is important because your score will be turned into experience points once you finish the stage. As you explore an area, be sure to keep your eyes open for glowing spots in the background. Use the right analog stick to go over that spot to secure hidden treasures, and then move the hand around the rest of the area just in case there is more treasure to be found. Just be sure to do this after you’ve defeated your enemies so that they don’t end up dealing some extra damage while you’re distracted.

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As you level up, you will gain boosts to your stats: HP, STR, CON, DEX, INT, MGR and LUC. You will also earn Skill Points which you can use at the Adventurer’s Guild to learn skills. You can either select to unlock skills inherent to the character class you have selected, or to unlock skills which are common to all classes. You can’t just unlock any skill you want since they have a specific level you need to achieve before you can spend your skill points on it, and the same goes for upgrading each skill even more. As expected, the more powerful skills will be locked until you’ve leved up considerably as to not break the game’s balance.

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You might find the bones of fallen adventurers during your quests, so be sure to pick them up and bring them to Canaan Temple to try and resurrect them.. for a price. Those you resurrect will wait for you at the Inn so that you can add them to your party to have them aid you. You can have up to three extra adventurers on your side, and the more, the merrier, right?

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You’re probably reading this wondering, what is new in Dragon’s Crown Pro when compared to the regular version of Dragon’s Crown? Well, for starters, if you have a PS4 Pro, then you can enjoy the game in 4K, bringing the gorgeous art of Vanillaware to life. There’s also a newly recorded orchestral soundtrack that makes everything feel more epic, and if you want to play the game with the original soundtrack, then you can do that as well. And if you’ve already played the game on PS3 or Vita then you can make good use of the cross-save feature – oh and there’s also cross-play between the PS4 version and those two versions.

Dragon’s Crown Pro is just as fun on PlayStation 4 as it was on PS3 and Vita. The improved visuals and orchestral soundtrack make this one the definitive version, so if you’re already a fan of it, or if you’re up for playing a fantasy adventure beat ‘em up RPG, then this one is exactly what you needed.

This Dragon’s Crown Pro review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Atlus.

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