Mega Man 11 Hits PlayStation 4 This October

by EdEN, Owner

Capcom has announced that Mega Man 11 finally has a release date: October 2, 2018! Come check out a new trailer and some new info and screens for this highly anticipated release!

Kellen Haney, Social Media Specialist at Capcom USA, had this to say:

Dr. Wily is up to his old tricks, and Mega Man must tap into the evil genius’s own technology to combat eight haywire Robot Masters. The new Double Gear system allows Mega Man to increase his speed, slowing the world around him to a crawl, or power up his Mega Buster shots to blow away tough enemies. You’ll be able to tap into these new abilities from the start of the game, which can be helpful aids in tricky situations. A tip for players: while you can turn these gears on and off whenever you want, you can only use one of them at a time. Over-use will cause Mega Man to overheat, preventing him from using either gear until he’s cooled down a bit.

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