[Beyond PlayStation] One Eyed Kutkh Review

by EdEN, Owner

One Eyed Kutkh from Sometimes You is a minimalist point and click adventure with an interesting art style that is now available on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our One Eyed Kutkh review!

You start the game controlling a large, one eyes creature who is in grave danger while flying in its spaceship. You will need to pull some levers and push some buttons to try and avoid a disaster, which will show you the basics for how to interact with the game.

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Unfortunately, nothing you do works, and you end up crashing on a small planet. After this, your task is simple: fix your spaceship so that you can carry on with your journey. The first couple of pieces are nearby, but you will need to move further away from your spaceship to find the rest.

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The game is played either by touching on the Nintendo Switch’s screen or by moving a cursor with the left analog stick and clicking on things, or selecting actions, with the A button. Both control inputs work great, but you will certainly be able to play faster when in Portable le Tabletop mode when you’re actually clicking on things or NPC on the touchscreen. Nothing feels better in an adventure game than pointing at a spot on the Nintendo Switch’s screen and clicking on something to get things going.

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There are no words or dialogue in the game since everything is told visually with the interactions you have and the images in which the characters “talk,” making this a game that anyone can understand and enjoy since there is no language barrier that might get in the way. What you see is literally what you get, which is definitely not for everyone. The symbols in which the characters talk will provide you with clues on what you need to do, so as long as you pay attention you will not get stuck.

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You will need to solve some small and simple puzzles to move the story along as you progress in this short adventure, a journey that you will end up completing in an hour (or two if you take things slowly or are playing the game with your kids at most). It’s definitely a game that you will enjoy playing with your kids as they get to learn the basics of how a point and click adventure game works. As long as you’re aware of this and understand what type of game you’re getting into you’ll be able to enjoy it for its bite-sized look at a beloved genre.

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This One Eyed Kutkh review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Sometimes You.

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