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To Leave Now Available For PlayStation 4 |

To Leave Now Available For PlayStation 4
EdEN, Owner
  • On April 26, 2018

Indie team Freaky Creations from Ecuador has released To Leave on PlayStation 4, a game that deals with the overall topic of mental health by mixing different genres. Come learn more about it!

To Leave 1

Estefano Palacios T., Creative Director at Freaky Creations, had this to say:

To Leave is a hardcore game about manic-depressive illness, social alienation, and the burning desire to bring all inner and outer pain to an end. The game’s main character, Harm – a manic-depressive young man in possession of a magical, flying door – has finished orchestrating a plan to solve all his troubles – and all the troubles of his world – once and for all.

In To Leave, players will experience what it feels like being Harm at this crucial moment of his life: a deeply conflicted, half-lucid, half-insane teenager with muddled thoughts but with one very clear intention in his heart: peace for himself, and peace for his world.