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[Review Revisited] Submerged On PS4

[Review Revisited] Submerged On PS4
EdEN, Owner

Ceidz and I got to review Submerged over at, and we definitely had a lot of playing this great game! We liked Submerged since it is a great looking game that gives us a glimpse into what would happen if civilization ended up being destroyed by water.

Submerged - 3

Sure, this is might be a short game, but every moment spent playing the game is most certainly worth it. Plus, trophy hunters will have a blast getting all trophies in the game as they explore every corner of the city, finding new creatures (both big and small).

The game’s story will definitely get to you, since you’ll be exploring high and low to try and find the medical supplies needed to heal your little brother who is growing sicker and sicker with every passing minute. Will you manage to save him before it is too late?


You can read Tracey’s original review right here.

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